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Defense Claims Stormy Daniels Sought Financial Gain from Trump

 May 10, 2024

The trial of Donald Trump took an interesting turn this week as the defense argued that Stormy Daniels had financial motives for her 2016 non-disclosure agreement regarding claims of an affair with the man who eventually became president.

The defense team suggested that Daniels aimed to capitalize on Trump's notoriety, including profiting from merchandise and a book deal post a high-profile interview, as Breitbart reports.

The defense's cross-examination, led by attorney Susan Necheles, focused on establishing a monetary incentive behind Stormy Daniels' actions. Necheles highlighted how Daniels ceased communicating with a journalist from Slate, opting to pursue avenues that offered financial compensation.

Financial Motives Questioned in Court

Katelynn Richardson, a reporter from Daily Caller covering the courts, noted that Daniels was interested in being paid for her story which led to her disengagement with the Slate reporter.

This was part of a broader strategy to profit from the situation, the defense suggested.

Despite not receiving payment for her 2018 interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Daniels secured a book deal shortly thereafter.

The deal was reportedly worth nearly seven figures, underscoring the significant financial gains she derived following the interview.

Daniels' financial endeavors extended to merchandise sales post the indictment of Trump. Items included T-shirts, a Stormy Daniels Political Power comic book, and a notably themed "Stormy Saint of Indictments" candle, which depicted her in a Christ-like robe, as reported by Jesse McKinley from the New York Times.

Merchandise and Public Image Leveraged

The theme of profiting from her association with the case was further evidenced by Daniels’ venture into themed merchandise, a move that capitalized on the heightened media attention.

Additionally, Daniels faced scrutiny over her involvement in a strip club tour, which was controversially dubbed "Make America Horny Again." However, Daniels clarified that she never used the tagline and expressed her disapproval of it. She stated, "I never used [that tagline]... I hated it."

During the trial, Daniels also emphasized that her tour in 2018 was consistent with her profession since 2001, indicating that it was not a new venture inspired by the case but rather a continuation of her existing career.

This was part of her testimony aimed at countering the narrative that she leveraged the trial for personal gain.

Context of Daniels' Career and Tour

Daniels’ efforts to separate her long-term professional activities from the media circus surrounding the trial were evident as she sought to clarify misconceptions about her motives and career intentions.

The case, prosecuted by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, involves Donald Trump facing 34 counts of falsification of business records.

This case is being heard in the New York Supreme Court for New York County, drawing significant media coverage and public interest.

In summary, the defense has portrayed Stormy Daniels as a figure seeking to monetize her alleged connection with Donald Trump.

This portrayal includes skepticism about her decisions regarding media engagements, merchandise sales, and her book deal.

Meanwhile, Daniels has attempted to clarify her stance, emphasizing the continuity of her career and distancing herself from opportunistic narratives linked to the legal proceedings.