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Democratic operative attacks DeSantis for wearing ‘high-heeled boots' — but they were cowboy boots

 February 16, 2023

In what could be considered a rather humorous fashion faux pas and possible indicator of a need to get out of his bubble, Democratic operative Pat Dennis referred to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' cowboy boots  as "high-heeled boots."

DeSantis' choice of footwear derided by Democrat deficient in taking time to 'touch some grass'

Dennis' accusation even included an attempt to explain DeSantis' motive.

"Ron DeSantis consistently wears high-heeled boots in order to appear taller," Dennis posted on his Twitter account on Monday.

He went on to compare his choice of footwear to Rubio's in the 2016 primary, suggesting that it could become, "a major line of attack against him" as it did for Rubio.

Dennis also referred to DeSantis as "weird and offputting."

Republican communicator Matt Whitlock picked up Dennis' tweet and ran with it, implying that Dennis needs to spend less time behind his computer and step outside every so often so that he can return to reality.

"Tell me you've never seen cowboy boots without telling me. Touch some grass," he wrote.

The likely reason behind the white rubber boots

DeSantis' choice of footwear seems to have gotten its momentum when he was seen wearing a pair of white rubber boots while surveying a Hurricane Ian disaster site last year, according to International Business Times.

Such boots are generally used by fishermen for a number of reasons.

A few of those reasons include that the boots give them extra traction on wet surfaces, to protect their feet from sharp rocks and other hazards that could cause injury to their feet, and to add extra cushion and stability to feet and ankles, according to Fishing Vista.

Since DeSantis was surveying a disaster area at the time, it's reasonable to see why he might have wanted some extra protection for his feet.

Speculation of 2024 DeSantis presidential bid

There has been speculation that DeSantis would run for president in 2024, according to Fox News.

During a Tuesday news conference at truck dealership Kenworth of Jacksonville, Inc. in Florida, a reporter asked him if he intended to announce a presidential bid for 2024

DeSantis didn't give a direct answer.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" He laughed, looking out at the crowd.

It's believed that if DeSantis chooses to run, that it won't be announced until late spring or early summer.

That would be some ideal timing since it coincides with Florida's current legislative session coming to an end.