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Democratic Party To Cover Costs Of Jill Biden's Flights For Hunter's Trial

 June 12, 2024

Amid her son's trial, First Lady Jill Biden has frequently traveled between France and the United States, a commute partially funded by the Democratic Party.

First Lady Jill Biden's extensive international travel to attend her son Hunter Biden's trial is partially reimbursed by the Democratic Party, though most costs are taxpayer-borne, Fox News reported.

The First Lady has traveled significantly to balance her duties abroad with personal commitments at home. Last week, she flew approximately 24 hours between Delaware and France.

This was necessary for her to attend both the D-Day events in Normandy and her son's federal trial in the United States.

First Lady's Transatlantic Journey Amid Official Duties

Hunter Biden, Jill Biden's son, currently faces charges of falsifying information related to his drug use on a gun acquisition form, and he has pleaded not guilty to these charges. His trial is a significant legal affair, necessitating his mother's presence.

The logistical and financial aspects of the First Lady's travels are complex, especially when she takes transatlantic flights on government aircraft like Air Force One and Air Force Two.

Operating these specially modified Boeing 747s costs approximately $200,000 and tens of thousands per hour, respectively.

Democratic Party's Role in Funding Travel Expenses

The Democratic National Committee has reimbursed the White House for Jill Biden's travel expenses. Pentagon estimates typically calculate these expenses, covering the equivalent cost of a first-class fare.

While the Democratic Party reimburses part of the travel costs, U.S. taxpayers remain responsible for the bulk of the expenses—primarily for security and staffing. This has raised questions about the extent and nature of political party contributions to such travel costs.

Public Scrutiny Over Taxpayer Burden

Public and media scrutiny has intensified regarding the costs incurred by taxpayers for these international commutes. Fox News Digital has contacted the White House press office for comments on this issue but has not received any response.

In a statement to, the first lady's office stated, "In accordance with relevant regulations utilized across administrations, the government has reimbursed the value of a first-class fare for these flights to Wilmington and back to Paris."

Implications of First Lady's Commutes

The ongoing situation highlights the intricate balance of official duties and personal obligations, particularly when they intersect at the crossroads of public figures' public and private lives.

The First Lady's travel schedule exemplifies the challenges and logistical demands of maintaining such a balance.

As the trial progresses, further scrutiny of travel costs and their implications for public spending are expected. This situation continues to unfold as Jill Biden juggles her responsibilities as First Lady and her family role during a critical time.


First Lady Jill Biden has been navigating a complex schedule between participating in significant international events in France and supporting her son during his trial in Delaware.

The Democratic Party reimburses some costs, with the larger share falling to taxpayers. This arrangement underscores the ongoing debate over using public funds for private matters, especially in situations involving high-profile individuals and sensitive circumstances.