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Van Jones: Democrats Contemplating How Best to Replace Biden with on Ticket

 July 5, 2024

Former Obama presidential adviser Van Jones has suggested that the Democratic Party is in a state of "full-scale panic" and is feverishly discussing how to persuade President Biden to step aside from the 2024 election.

The deliberations on a potential Kamala Harris candidacy have grown more urgent following Biden's heavily criticized performance in last week's debate against former President Trump, according to Jones, as reported by Fox News.

Van Jones Discusses Internal Party Struggles

Jones made these remarks during an appearance on CNN on Wednesday. He shared insights into the behind-the-scenes discussions happening within the Democratic Party.

According to Jones, a significant faction within the party is contemplating strategies to navigate President Biden's departure and decide who might replace him as the Democratic nominee.

"I just got to be honest, everybody comes on the air and says all this great stuff but behind the scenes, it’s full-scale panic," Jones said.

Continuing, Jones indicated that contingency planning is actively underway. "People are passing around legal memos, PDFs are flying back and forth on WhatsApp, trying to figure out what the options are," he elaborated.

Legal Options and New Running Mate Discussed

The focus of these discussions is on replacing Biden in a respectful manner that honors his years of service. Jones emphasized, "How can you replace Biden? How do you get him to do it in a way where he feels respected, as he should be respected?"

In addition to addressing Biden's potential exit, the Democratic Party is also considering who would be Vice President Harris's running mate if she takes over as the nominee. "Who should Kamala Harris’s vice president be?" Jones posed.

Disparate conversations happening privately and publicly about Biden's political future reflect a growing discontent within the party. "The conversations on air and the conversations off-air are completely different," Jones remarked.

Debate Performance and Electoral Concerns

President Biden faces mounting pressure following his recent debate performance against former President Trump, which many within the party felt failed to restore voter confidence. Jones captured this sentiment, saying, "He had a test to meet tonight to restore confidence of the country and of the base and he failed to do that."

Polls reveal a troubling trend for Biden. A new survey conducted by the New York Times and Siena College shows Trump leading Biden 49% to 43%, a notable three-point swing from the previous week.

Jones has been vocal about Biden’s shortcomings since the debate. "I think there’s a lot of people who are going to want to see him consider taking a different course now," he noted.

Upcoming Democratic Convention and Crucial Decisions

This news comes as Biden is seeking to secure the Democratic nomination at the party’s convention next month. The urgency of the situation is palpable, with Jones highlighting the depth of the party's concerns.

"We have a great candidate, we have a beautiful man, we have someone who loves this country," he said, praising Biden's dedication. Yet he acknowledged the harsh reality, "He may not be able to get across the finish line."

Jones believes that a mature party must address these tough questions head-on. "A mature party has to take that into account and that is what’s happening," he stated.


In conclusion, Van Jones's revelations on CNN shed light on the intense discussions within the Democratic Party about possibly replacing President Biden ahead of the 2024 election. The impetus for these talks includes Biden’s recent debate performance and lagging poll numbers.

As the party navigates this challenging landscape, considerations about Vice President Harris’s potential candidacy and her running mate are also at the forefront. The immediate focus, however, is on managing Biden’s exit with the respect due to his extensive service to the country.

The full extent of these deliberations will likely become clearer as the Democratic Party's convention approaches next month.