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Dems Hesitation On Endorsing Harris For Biden's Replacement Causes Tumult: MSNBC Commentator

 July 5, 2024

Discussions on potentially replacing President Biden with another candidate have ignited controversy within the Democratic Party and the public.

Recent internal debates over the Democratic Party's next presidential nominee have heightened tensions and exposed rifts among party members and analysts, Fox News reported.

Basil Smikle, a political strategist, raised concerns on "MSNBC Reports" about President Biden's recent performance during a debate against former President Trump. Smikle questioned the party's approach following Biden's perceived underwhelming performance.

MSNBC Analyst Criticizes Bypassing VP Harris

Smikle criticized the Democratic Party's discussions about possible replacements for Biden, such as California Governor Gavin Newsom or former First Lady Michelle Obama, noting their exclusion of Vice President Kamala Harris. This move, he argued, might alienate Black voters, a key demographic for the party.

Adding to the tension, several media outlets and some members of the Democratic Party have suggested Biden should consider stepping down for a more viable candidate. This has stirred further debate within the party about its future leadership and strategy.

Political Figures Endorse Harris as a Replacement

While the discussion broadened, some Democratic figures, including influential Representative James Clyburn, supported Vice President Harris as a potential successor to Biden. This endorsement contrasts sharply with the broader party dialogue, which sideline Harris.

A recent CNN national poll indicates a significant portion of voters believe the Democratic Party would stand a better chance in the upcoming election with a different leader. Harris herself performs slightly better than Biden in theoretical matchups against Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee.

Strategist Smikle Expresses Discontent with Party Narratives

Smikle expressed frustration with the party's response to Biden's debate performance. "The reality is I hate this open casting call. It's angering," Smikle remarked, advocating for a stronger defense of Biden's capabilities than Trump's.

"On Joe Biden's worst day, he is orders of magnitude better than Donald Trump on his best day. Why is that not the prevailing narrative that's coming out of that debate?" he added, criticizing the lack of a unified party message.

Concerns Over Party Unity and Voter Engagement

The strategist also noted that the ongoing discussions might undermine voter confidence and party unity, giving Trump and his campaign material to criticize the Democrats for a lack of cohesion.

"All of this conversation to me just stokes more chaos, more concern, more uncertainty among voters and gives Donald Trump and his campaign an opening to say, 'look at what the Democrats are doing, they don't have it together,'" Smikle explained.

Representative Clyburn Defends Vice President Harris

"This party should not, in any way, do anything to work around Ms. Harris," stated Rep. James Clyburn, emphasizing the importance of Harris's role within the party and potential candidacy. His statement underscores a divide within the party on how best to approach the next election.

In conclusion, the debates within the Democratic Party over choosing a replacement for Biden reveal a complex interplay of political strategy, voter expectations, and party identity.

As the party navigates these turbulent waters, the role of Vice President Harris and the broader implications for party unity and electoral success remain critical points of contention and discussion.