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Director of Black Voices for Trump is being held in jail, not allowed to make bail

 August 25, 2023

Harrison Floyd, former head of Black Voices for Trump, became the inaugural defendant among the 19 indicted in Fulton County, Georgia to be incarcerated without an option for bond.

Floyd, 39, voluntarily surrendered at the county jail facility on Thursday afternoon, Daily Mail reported.

Willis' Deadline and Floyd's Detention

The arrest was subsequent to a directive by District Attorney Fani Willis, who provided a deadline of Friday noon for ex-President Donald Trump and the other 18 individuals implicated in her election meddling investigation.

Floyd continued to be detained without seeking bond terms, facing accusations of racketeering, conspiring to promote false testimonies, and attempting to influence witnesses.

Hours before Trump was set to surrender, possibly marking the first instance of a former U.S. president sitting for a mugshot, Floyd turned himself in. Mark Meadows, Trump's former chief of staff, also turned himself in for for processing, though he secured his release after posting a $100,000 bond.

Earlier Accusations and Aggressions

Earlier in the year, Floyd allegedly assaulted an FBI agent involved in Special Counsel Jack Smith's independent inquiry into election interference accusations leveled at Trump and his associates, the Washington Post reported.

According to an affidavit, Floyd aggressively tackled the agent at his residence in Rockville, Maryland, when the latter arrived to serve him with a federal grand jury subpoena in Washington, D.C.

Reportedly, an outraged Floyd confronted the agent closely, pushing him back with force, and shouted, "WHO THE F*** DO YOU THINK YOU ARE."

Allegations in Georgia

In Georgia, Floyd, together with Stephen Cliffgard Lee and Trevian Kutti (previously a publicist for Kanye West), is accused of pressuring Ruby Freeman, a poll worker, into falsely admitting to election fraud.

Those actions followed allegations involving Freeman and her daughter, Shaye Moss, which insinuated that they tampered with mail-in ballots on Election Day at Atlanta's State Farm Arena.

This theory, amplified by Trump's circle, was further sensationalized by Rudy Giuliani, another Fulton County defendant, who claimed the pair exchanged USB drives akin to drug deals during ballot counting.

Moss later clarified in a tearful congressional testimony that her mother simply handed her a ginger mint.

This backdrop set the stage for Floyd, Lee, and Kutti's alleged endeavor to coerce Freeman into confirming these false accusations. Floyd, in a conversation with Reuters in late 2021, confirmed that he had dispatched Kutti to Freeman's residence early in January.

By this point, Floyd clarified, he was no longer affiliated with the Trump campaign. Kutti's visit initially met with skepticism from Freeman, leading her to involve the police, which ultimately transitioned into a tense meeting at a local police station.

Video evidence from the scene captures Kutti vaguely threatening Freeman's freedom, hinting at the involvement of high-level figures, and then attempting to facilitate a conversation with "Harrison Ford" -- presumably Harrison Floyd -- asserting his capacity to offer protection.

Though the full conversation remains undisclosed, Freeman later recounted an alleged attempt by Kutti and Floyd to ensnare her in a fabricated voter fraud plot. She recalls Kutti's ultimatum: admit to everything or face incarceration. Freeman, sensing malice, distanced herself, decrying, "The devil is a liar" and sought the intervention of a police officer.

Former President Trump was processed at the same detention facility as Floyd on Thursday night, facing his own charges related to election interference.