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Disney Heiress Criticizes Potential VP Noem's Actions In Her Book

 May 11, 2024

In a striking critique, Abigail Disney has lambasted Gov. Kristi Noem's recount of shooting her dog, drawing parallels with political empathy, Fox News reported.

Abigail Disney, Walt Disney's grandniece, disapproved of South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem after reading her book "No Going Back," which includes a contentious account of Noem's decision to shoot her family's dog, reflecting poorly on Noem's character.

Moreover, Disney's criticism, conveyed via an email campaign organized by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, underscores her concerns about the empathy and compassion lacking in current political figures, especially with the 2024 election looming.

Disney Draws Parallels With "Old Yeller"

Drawing a connection between Noem's action and the iconic Disney movie "Old Yeller," Disney emphasized the emotional impact animal stories usually have. She noted how these narratives often highlight deeper human values, contrasting sharply with Noem's anecdote.

Furthermore, the incident involving Noem's dog occurred after it attacked a neighbor's chickens, posing a safety threat to her family and livestock. Described in Noem's own words, this event has become a significant talking point.

However, Disney contends that Noem's portrayal of the event lacked the emotional depth usually associated with such tough decisions, presenting the act in a manner seemingly devoid of compassion.

Public and Political Reactions to the Incident

The Guardian initially reported on Disney's critique, highlighting her intentional contrast with the more compassionate narrative of "Old Yeller," where the pet's death is depicted as a tragic necessity.

Subsequently, Gov. Noem addressed the backlash in a FOX Business interview, defending her decision by describing the dog as dangerous and untrainable, prioritizing human and animal safety on her ranch.

Moreover, Noem emphasized her support base, expressing pride in her book and actions despite the controversy they sparked.

Cultural Impact and Political Implications

Disney's criticism extended beyond the incident itself, accusing Noem of glorifying cruelty and lacking essential empathy for leadership, particularly pertinent amid the approaching presidential election.

Moreover, in additional remarks from the PCCC, Disney unfavorably contrasted Noem's leadership style with her own interpretation of strength and courage, citing contemporary political matters like tax policies and the January 6 insurrection.

Furthermore, she proposed that genuine strength lies in confronting significant societal issues head-on, challenging Noem's positions on various national crises.

Broader Themes in Media and Politics

Disney's critique transcends a singular incident, advocating for a political narrative where empathy and moral judgment are pivotal themes. She asserts these should weigh heavily on voters' minds as they evaluate candidates for the 2024 election.

The debate has garnered attention from multiple media outlets, including Fox News Digital, which has pursued further comments from all parties involved, underscoring the story's significance in wider political and cultural dialogues.

The juxtaposition of Disney's storytelling legacy, emphasizing moral lessons, and Noem's stark anecdote provides a distinctive perspective on the evolving dynamics of the upcoming election.


Abigail Disney's critique of Gov. Kristi Noem's actions, as depicted in her book, sparks a wider conversation on empathy and morality in leadership.

The dog incident, its portrayal in Noem's narrative, and the ensuing political aftermath highlight the emotional and ethical aspects gaining prominence in American politics.

Disney's reference to "Old Yeller" resonates as a powerful reminder of narrative's influence on public perception and values.