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Ed Sheeran cancels Las Vegas concert over ‘health and safety’ issue

 September 12, 2023

Ed Sheeran has abruptly canceled his Las Vegas concert due to a potential floor collapse at Allegiant Stadium.

Sheeran, a Grammy-winning pop artist, was scheduled to perform at Allegiant Stadium, but unfortunately, a few hours before the show, the concert had to be canceled. Concerns arose regarding the stability of the floor, which threatened the safety of attendees and performers, as the Daily Mail reported.

Sheeran’s statement to fans

In a statement regarding the situation, Sheeran said:

I can't believe I'm typing this but there's been some challenges encountered during the load in of our vegas show.

Continuing his message, he conveyed his apologies:

It's impossible to go forward with the show. I'm so sorry. I know everyone has traveled in for this and I wish I could change it.

The primary concern was a safety issue identified during the soundcheck when Sheeran's team was setting up for the show.

Reports suggest a flooring mishap, with rubber tiling coming undone. This created instability for two tall towers which had moved approximately a foot each.

Efforts to address issue

Attempts were made to rectify the problem. Engineers worked tirelessly to reinforce the towers. However, despite these efforts, the towers remained unstable, leading to the concert's cancellation. A source clarified:

Health and safety is paramount at gigs of all magnitude and scale - but even more so at a 65,000-seater NFL stadium.

The main issue was with the stadium floor and not the stage itself.

The source also mentioned that Sheeran and his team tried for 24 hours to make the show happen.

Concert rescheduled and fans' reactions

To address the issue, Sheeran informed fans about a new date for the cancelled show:

The gig will be postponed to Saturday October 28th and all purchased tickets will be valid for that date. I'm so, so sorry x.

Allegiant Stadium also took to Twitter to keep concertgoers updated. Although they initially hinted at a significant delay, a subsequent update confirmed the concert would take place on Oct. 28.

Several fans, however, expressed their frustration on social media platforms such as Instagram.

Many recounted their experiences waiting in the heat and the expenses they had incurred for travel and accommodation.

Fan comments and defense for Sheeran

One fan expressed their disappointment, saying:

Absolutely insane. So disappointing. waited out in the heat for almost 2 hours.

Another fan brought up previously problematic incidents saying:

Honestly I’ve bought tickets to Ed Sheeran’s concert 3 times but only made it to one. First time he broke his hand...

Despite the anger and disappointment, a few fans stepped in to defend the artist. Acknowledging the situation's gravity and unpredictability, one empathetic fan shared:

This sounds like a frustrating situation... These types of things just really, really suck. If you traveled to see him… hey, you made it to Vegas! That’s incredible! If you can’t have a good memory of an Ed Sheeran concert tied to this trip, try your best to make a new positive memory.

Upcoming plans

Despite the Las Vegas setback, Sheeran will continue his North American tour.

He's set to perform in California, with dates in Oakland, Santa Clara, Los Angeles, and more.

Additionally, the artist recently announced two special dates at London's Royal Albert Hall on Nov. 18th and 19th, dubbed "Last Days Of Autumn."

According to Billboard, these concerts will feature Sheeran performing his entire upcoming seventh album, Autumn Variations.

This album, with 14 tracks, will be released on Sept. 29th. Notably, Sheeran revealed that he created Autumn Variations only four months after his prior album.

Sheeran also provided insight into the inspiration behind his new album. Drawing parallels with composer Edward Elgar, Sheeran shared that he took cues from the "Enigma Variations" in which each composition represented one of Elgar's friends.


  • Ed Sheeran's Las Vegas concert was canceled due to potential floor collapse risks.
  • The concert will be rescheduled to Oct. 28, with previously purchased tickets still valid.
  • Despite the setback, Sheeran continues his North American tour with upcoming performances in California.
  • Sheeran will release his seventh album, Autumn Variations, on Sept. 29, inspired by life changes and the compositions of Elgar.