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Elon Musk’s Alleged Affairs And Propositions With SpaceX Employees Revealed

 June 13, 2024
Allegations have emerged regarding billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk's involvement in multiple inappropriate relationships within SpaceX.

Claims of sexual relationships and propositions highlight what many view as concerning behavior by Musk in his professional setting, as the Daily Mail reports.

Musk, 52, is reported to have had sexual relationships with both a SpaceX executive and a former intern. Reports also allege that he propositioned another female employee to have children with him.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the intern in question initially met Musk in the early 2010s while she was still in college. Musk then flew her to Sicily, Italy, for an exclusive Google conference following her contact about improvements for SpaceX.

Musk’s Relationship with Former Intern Revealed

Subsequently, in 2017, Musk reached out again, providing her with a full-time job at SpaceX to identify company issues. During this time, Musk allegedly invited her for drinks and made inappropriate advances, including touching her breasts.

"Oh I’m so bad. I shouldn’t be doing this," Musk allegedly said during the interaction. Despite these actions, the intern's affidavit noted there was no romantic relationship during her tenure at SpaceX and that Musk wasn’t predatory.

Another claim involves Musk asking a different female employee to have children with him. This request reportedly led to a substantial settlement payment of £780,000 before she left SpaceX in 2013.

Affair With Female Executive Explored

Additional allegations suggest Musk had a relationship with a female SpaceX executive in 2014 during a separation period from then-wife Talulah Riley. Reports indicate Musk invited the executive to his Bel-Air mansion, where they drank and had sex.

The following morning, Musk allegedly promised the executive Tesla stock. She later felt exploited and negotiated a £66,000 exit package from the company.

In another instance, accusations emerged that Musk propositioned a flight attendant for sex in 2016 by offering to buy her a horse.

Employee Reactions and Official Statements

Several former employees have come forward with claims of Musk’s advances or receiving undue attention from him. This pattern of behavior raises concerns about the professional boundaries maintained by the CEO of SpaceX.

In response to these reports, SpaceX Chief Operating Officer Gwynne Shotwell stated that the Wall Street Journal account paints a "completely misleading narrative."

Musk's lawyer, Alex Spiro, did not provide a response to requests for comment.

These developments put a spotlight on Musk’s professional conduct within his private company.


Allegations assert that Elon Musk engaged in multiple inappropriate relationships with SpaceX employees, including sexual advances and propositions.

This includes claims of a relationship with a former intern, advances on a different female employee to have his children, and an affair with a SpaceX executive.

Despite statements from some individuals and the company's COO challenging the narrative, these allegations raise important questions about Musk's behavior in a professional context.

Gwynne Shotwell defended Musk and the Wall Street Journal portrayal, viewing it as misleading, further complicating the narrative and leaving room for ongoing scrutiny and investigation.