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Evidence suggests Joe Biden met with Chinese energy exec

By Mandy Donalds
January 28, 2024

Rob Walker, an associate of the Biden family, has testified about a meeting said to have occurred between Joe Biden and a Chinese energy executive who has since gone missing.

During a recent deposition, Walker, a close associate of the Biden family, provided crucial testimony regarding former President Joe Biden's alleged involvement with a Chinese government-linked company.

Walker's testimony, which took place during the House's impeachment inquiry into Biden, has brought to light a 2017 meeting between Biden and the leader of the company, which had financial dealings with members of Biden family, as Newsmax reported.

Comer takes a dig at Biden

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer said:

Today we learned that Joe Biden met with the now-missing Chairman of CEFC, Ye Jianming, as Hunter Biden and his associates received $3 million from a Chinese entity CEFC controlled. Evidence continues to reveal the Bidens sold the 'Biden Brand' to enrich the Biden family.

Walker, in his statement, contradicted his earlier claims that President Biden had no involvement in his son Hunter Biden's business dealings.

This revelation raises questions about the extent of Joe Biden's knowledge and participation in these affairs.

The House Oversight Committee's investigation into this matter highlights concerns about potential influence peddling.

James Comer (R-KY), the committee's chair, emphasized the seriousness of the allegations, suggesting that the Biden family may have monetized their political influence.

The intricate web of Biden's business dealings

The Chinese company in question, CEFC, is said to have paid Hunter Biden and his associates a sum of $3 million shortly after Joe Biden left office.

This payment, described by some as a 'thank you' gesture, was reportedly made despite the Biden family members not being directly involved in the work for which the payment was made.

This development has sparked a debate over the ethical boundaries of such transactions, especially considering Joe Biden's political position at the time.

A second source familiar with Walker's testimony told the New York Post:

Walker told the Committee that he believes Joe Biden briefly dropped by because Joe Biden simply wanted to lay eyes on his son who was in and out of sobriety.

Walker's attorney and a representative for the Oversight Committee's top Democrat, Jamie Raskin (MD), have not disputed Walker's claims in his Friday deposition, as reported by the Post.

The committee plans to release the full transcript of the Walker interview soon, providing further insight into these allegations.

Meanwhile, Walker has defended the business activities he and Biden pursued, claiming they were legitimate and within ethical boundaries. His financial dealings with the Biden family, however, raise questions about the nature of these transactions.

Long-standing connections and financial dealings

Walker's connections with the Biden family date back to the time when President Bill Clinton was in office.

He reportedly met Hunter Biden during this period and was involved in Joe Biden's presidential campaign in 2008. His wife also worked for Jill Biden during Joe Biden's vice presidency under President Barack Obama.

Furthermore, Walker distributed more than $1 million to the Biden family from Romanian businessman Gabriel Popoviciu between November 2015 and May 2017, when then-Vice President Biden was publicly addressing corruption in Romania.

Hunter Biden's involvement with CEFC began in 2015, during Joe Biden's vice presidency, according to sources. This timeline raises additional questions about the former Vice President's awareness and possible involvement in these dealings.

The FBI interview with Walker, earlier released by the House Ways and Means Committee, did not mention Ye Jianming as a participant in the meeting. This discrepancy between Walker's statements and the FBI interview record adds a layer of complexity to the ongoing investigation.

Unraveling the layers of the Biden-CEFC relationship

The testimony and subsequent developments have shed light on a complex web of relationships and financial transactions involving the Biden family and foreign entities. The implications of these revelations could be far-reaching, touching on issues of national security and political ethics.

As the investigation continues, the American public awaits a clearer understanding of the nature of these interactions and their potential impact on U.S. foreign policy and political integrity.

The full implications of these revelations are yet to be fully understood. As more information becomes available, it is likely to spark further debate and scrutiny regarding the ethical standards expected of public officials and their associates.

The unfolding story is a reminder of the importance of transparency and accountability in the dealings of those in positions of power. It highlights the delicate balance between personal and professional relationships in the realm of politics.


  • Rob Walker's testimony has brought to light a 2017 meeting between Joe Biden and a Chinese energy executive.
  • CEFC, the Chinese company involved, is alleged to have paid Hunter Biden and associates $3 million.
  • The House Oversight Committee is investigating the nature of these transactions and their implications.
  • Walker's long-standing connections with the Biden family and his role in financial transactions are under scrutiny.
  • The investigation continues to unveil the extent of the Biden family's involvement with foreign entities and the ethical concerns surrounding these dealings.