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Ex-Biden official under FBI investigation: Report

By Sarah May on
 March 2, 2023

In a saga that seems to grow more bizarre with each passing month, a criminal probe of former Biden administration Energy Department official Sam Brinton has now been referred to the FBI by the Houston Police Department, the third separate instance in which the non-binary nuclear waste expert has been accused of stealing luggage at airports around the country, as the Daily Mail reports.

The latest legal troubles for Brinton stem from claims made by a Tanzanian fashion designer who says her baggage went missing at Ronald Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C. back in 2018.

New crimes alleged

As Fox News notes, the new controversy involving Brinton emerged when Asya Khamsin came forward after having seen a news report about the disgraced federal bureaucrat and the fact that he had been charged with stealing luggage at airport baggage claim carousels.

In the news segments discussing Brinton's legal woes, photos of the accused thief were shown in which he was wearing dresses and other items Khamsin immediately recognized as the same ones contained in luggage of hers that disappeared at Reagan National Airport years before, which had never been returned.

Because the dresses and other garments in which Brinton had been photographed were designed by Khamsin and were of a highly unique and identifiable style, she had no doubt that they indeed belonged to her, and she wondered how they would have ended up in the possession of the man who was all over television news.

As Khamsin later noted, according to the New York Post, she had been forced to cancel a scheduled fashion show after the 30 or so custom pieces contained in the baggage went missing, and soon after spotting the items in the Brinton images this past December, she filed a report with the Houston Police Department.

“Confused and upset”

Khamsin spoke to the Post about the strange chain of events that led to the current investigation, saying that for a long time after the luggage was lost, she thought to herself, “Who took my bag, where is it?”

“Then I see images of the outfits [being worn by Brinton] and I was so confused and upset,” Khamsin continued.

Careful not to prematurely place blame, Khamsin added, “I was thinking, where did he get those clothes – because I didn't think he was a thief.” The fashion designer did, however, post a number of photos online making side-by-side comparisons of her dresses and the images of Brinton wearing identical looks.

Now that the Houston Police have reportedly referred their probe of Brinton to federal authorities, Khamsin mused, “I don't know if I would like the clothes back. The investigation is in good hands with the FBI. I'm waiting on them, they will do the right thing.” With regard to Brinton himself, she added, “I can't say anything bad for him, he's a human. I don't want him to go to jail.”

Minneapolis mischief

Any pending federal probe of Brinton's involvement in the disappearance of Khamsin's belongings only adds to the difficulties with which the onetime Biden official is currently contending, as just last month he appeared in a Minnesota courtroom on a set of felony theft charges related to an eerily similar scenario, as Fox News noted at the time.

According to the criminal complaint in that case, after his arrival at the Minneapolis St. Paul Airport on Sept. 16 of last year, Brinton removed a luggage tag from another passenger's bag and left the building carrying it, walking off with items later valued at more than $2,000, according to the Daily Mail.

American Airlines ultimately confirmed that Brinton himself had not checked any baggage onto his flight from Washington, D.C., and the alleged victim in the case was able to identify the luggage he was seen on video carrying out of the facility as her own.

As utterly strange as those circumstances certainly are, it was soon revealed that Minneapolis may not have been the only spot from which Brinton helped himself to another traveler's property.

Las Vegas loot

Owing to news coverage of the Minneapolis case, Brinton was soon fingered by Las Vegas law enforcement officials in another possible case of luggage theft that occurred at Harry Reid International Airport last July, as the Post reported.

A police report filed in Nevada indicated that a female traveler on her way to Las Vegas from D.C. reported that a piece of her checked luggage had gone missing, and that security footage eventually showed it being carried off by “a white male adult wearing a white T-shirt with a large rainbow-colored atomic nuclear energy symbol design.”

Once media outlets began covering Brinton's Minnesota legal woes last year, Las Vegas police “immediately recognized” the sometimes-drag queen and LGBTQ activist as the suspect from their own footage, confirmed that he had been on the relevant flight, and even found an Instagram selfie of the accused sporting the rainbow-themed atomic energy T-shirt, ensuring that there would be another set of charges to which he would need to provide answers.

Though the FBI has not formally confirmed that it is probing Brinton's conduct in the Khamsin matter, and no charges have yet been leveled in her case, the startling similarities among each of these three instances of disappearing luggage suggest that the troubles plaguing this flamboyant former rising star in the Biden administration are only just beginning.