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Ex-Trump Staffer Lauds Former Boss During Hush Money Trial

 May 10, 2024

Madeleine Westerhout, a former White House aide, commended Donald Trump during his hush money trial in New York, countering the prosecutorial narrative.

Westerhout's testimony took place on Thursday, and she shed light on her perspective of working with Trump, described him as a “really good boss," and praised his dedication and attention to detail during her tenure as his Oval Office assistant, as the Washington Examiner reports.

Over two years of employment under Trump allowed Westerhout to observe his work habits closely, something she noted included early mornings to late evenings filled with phone calls and meetings.

Trump's Personal Dynamics Highlighted

In her testimony, Westerhout emphasized Trump’s consideration for his wife Melania’s views, especially regarding the controversial hush money payment to Stormy Daniels.

However, Trump’s legal team contends that his motivations for making the disbursement were not politically driven but were rather an effort to protect his wife's feelings.

Westerhout's insight into the Trumps' relationship revealed a couple who shared laughter and a strong bond, particularly noticeable when Melania visited the Oval Office.

Legal Arguments and Internal White House Dynamics

The defense insists that the payment and its characterization was legal, echoing Westerhout's depictions of Trump's values.

This payment, handled through Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen, amounted to $130,00, and Trump began reimbursing Cohen for the funds paid in 2017.

Further color was added to the trial proceedings by previous positive testimonies from other former employees like Hope Hicks and Rhona Graff, who similarly praised Trump’s work ethic and leadership.

Westerhout's Journey from Aide to Author

Despite her praise for Trump, Westerhout’s tenure at the White House ended in 2019 after she was found to have shared sensitive information about Trump’s children during an off-the-record dinner.

Following her departure, Westerhout penned a book titled Off the Record: My Dream Job at the White House, How I Lost It, and What I Learned, sharing her experiences and the lessons she took from them.

Westerhout expressed a strong desire to share the human side of Trump that she witnessed.

She said, “I thought it was real important to share with the American people the man that I got to know. I don’t think he’s treated fairly, and I wanted to tell that story.”

Reflecting on a Controversial Presidency

The backdrop of Trump's candidacy and subsequent presidency includes numerous legal and political challenges, notably influenced by incidents like the Access Hollywood tape, which impacted his image among women.

Westerhout's testimony, however, presents a narrative of a president who values family and staff, offering a contrast to the prosecutorial depiction.

Conclusion: Revisiting Key Testimonies

In conclusion, Madeleine Westerhout’s testimony offers an intimate look at Donald Trump through the eyes of a former close aide, highlighting his work ethic and personal relationships within the White House.

Her insights, alongside those from other staff members, contribute to a multifaceted view of Trump’s leadership and personal life, framed by both legal debates and personal loyalty.