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Exclusive: Secret Service Video Of Biden's Dog Attack Destroyed, Halting White House Tours

 June 19, 2024

A video capturing an attack by President Joe Biden's dog on a Secret Service agent has been destroyed according to agency standards.

The recent revelation about the destruction of a video showing President Biden's dog, Commander, attacking a Secret Service agent sheds light on multiple aggressive incidents that led to the dog being moved off-site, Daily Mail reported.

On June 15, 2023, in the Kennedy Garden, Commander, the Biden family's dog, bit a Secret Service agent, requiring stitches. The incident temporarily halted White House East Wing tours due to blood spills.

Details of the Incident and Immediate Aftermath

After the biting incident, the Secret Service confirmed that they destroyed the video footage according to their retention standards. Consequently, this decision has raised questions about transparency and handling of such incidents.

Kevin Tyrrell from the Secret Service stated, "Due to Secret Service retention standards, we have destroyed the files mentioned above." Additionally, Anthony Guglielmi clarified that this action follows a federal records retention schedule.

Patterns of Aggression Lead to Safety Concerns

Commander was involved in at least 25 documented aggressive incidents, and Major, another Biden dog, also had multiple incidents. These events prompted the Secret Service to compile detailed records, as Judicial Watch documented.

Before the highlighted incident, internal Secret Service communications alerted staff about Commander's behavior. An official expressed ongoing concerns, stating, "It seems that we've returned to letting the K9 roam the grounds freely off-leash."

Escalating Incidents and Response Measures

After the June attack, additional safety measures were circulated among Secret Service staff. One agent advised, "Standing tall and yelling his name and 'stop' is your best bet not to get bit," after several close encounters with the dog.

The situation escalated during another attack on September 12, 2023, witnessed by President Biden. Commander bit an agent twice, prompting an immediate medical response. A sergeant reported, "FYI – there was a dog bite, and the Officer may need to go to the hospital. Have a safe shift!"

Commander's Relocation and Ongoing Debates

By October 4, 2023, following a series of biting incidents, Commander was relocated off-site to enhance the safety of White House staff and guests, marking a significant response to ongoing behavioral issues.

The incident and subsequent actions sparked debates about managing presidential pets and implications for White House security and safety protocols.

Transparency concerns emerged due to the destruction of the video footage and its potential impact on understanding and preventing such incidents.

In conclusion, Commander's series of aggressive incidents prompted a thorough security protocol review at the White House, including video destruction under retention policies, a temporary halt to tours, and Commander's relocation to prevent future incidents. These actions underscore the complex balance of safety, security, and transparency in the nation's highest office.