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Legal expert: Investigation into Fani Willis' White House visits needed

By Stew Davidson
January 30, 2024

The debate over Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis' handling of the prosecution against former President Donald Trump has intensified in light of allegations about her conduct.

Former federal prosecutor Andrew Cherkasky, in a conversation with host Trey Gowdy on Sunday Night in America with Trey Gowdy on Fox News, expressed serious concerns regarding Willis' alleged misuse of state tax money for this high-profile case.

The conversation was sparked by allegations that Willis engaged in financial impropriety and potentially manipulated legal processes for political gains.

Allegations of Impropriety and Conflict of Interest

Gowdy highlighted that there had already been scrutiny directed towards Willis regarding allegations of her hiring Nathan Wade, her alleged romantic partner, to prosecute Trump in the Georgia election interference case.

He noted that newly revealed court documents from Wade's divorce case were now fueling additional inquiries.

Gowdy questioned, "Even if these allegations are true, does it impact State of Georgia v. Donald J. Trump and if so, how?"

Cherkasky replied, "I'm not sure if this is more soap opera or like [a] John Grisham legal thriller, because the cards seem to be falling for Fani Willis."

The Role of Honest Services Fraud

Cherkasky emphasized the necessity of conducting a comprehensive investigation into the potential occurrence of honest services fraud involving Willis.

He also voiced apprehensions about reports indicating meetings between Willis, Wade, and the Biden White House, which raised suspicions of potential election interference.

Cherkasky stated, "What is going on here is essentially kickbacks. Fani Willis bringing in somebody unqualified for the job, and it seems as though he's giving her these elaborate trips, these elaborate vacations. That's something that we know as honest services fraud."

He emphasized the need for an in-depth investigation into these allegations, particularly in the context of reports about meetings between Willis, Wade, and the Biden White House.

These meetings, he suggested, could point to potential election interference efforts.

White House Meetings Under Scrutiny

Cherkasky also highlighted the potential impact of Willis and Wade's meetings at the White House on the legal case against Trump.

He questioned whether there was an improper motive behind these meetings, especially in relation to the timing of the 2024 election.

The significance of these meetings, according to Cherkasky, lies in understanding whether there was any directive from higher authorities to manipulate the prosecution to benefit Democrats in the upcoming election.

The Need for Fairness in the Legal System

Highlighting the importance of fairness and independence in the legal system, Cherkasky concluded his observations by underscoring the necessity to maintain the integrity of the democratic process.

He argued for the need to prevent the use of legal systems for political interference, calling for assurance that the courts will allow the political process to operate independently of prosecutors' ambitions.