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FBI raids another top aide to NYC Mayor Eric Adams

By Mandy Donalds
March 2, 2024

Federal agents have just conducted a raid on the homes of Winnie Greco, a senior aide to Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

In a significant development that has raised eyebrows across New York City, the FBI has turned its attention to Greco, a key figure in Adams' administration.

Greco, who serves as the director of Asian affairs and has a long-standing association with Adams, became the focal point of a federal investigation, with agents searching her Bronx residences, as reported by The Blaze.

Investigation casts a shadow over City Hall

These actions of the FBI are part of a broader inquiry that remains shrouded in mystery, particularly regarding its specific objectives.

However, it's been clarified that this recent operation is not tied to the ongoing scrutiny of Adams' campaign finances, which includes allegations of improper foreign contributions.

The spotlight on Greco stems from her pivotal role within the mayor's team, where she has been a fixture for over a decade. The searches conducted by the FBI mark a significant escalation in the scrutiny faced by Adams' administration, pointing to potential issues within its ranks.

Earlier allegations against Greco involved misuse of her position for personal gain, a claim that has added layers of complexity to the investigation. These accusations suggest a troubling pattern of behavior that could have broader implications for the administration's ethical standards.

Despite the swirling allegations, the mayor's office has staunchly defended Greco.

A spokesperson highlighted her years of dedicated service and dismissed the claims as baseless, originating from a disgruntled ex-employee.

Charles Lutvak, a spokesperson for Adams, said:

Throughout the time Mayor Adams has known Winnie, she has been a faithful public servant and advocate for her community. He is not aware of any inappropriate behavior whatsoever, and she strongly denies any allegations of illegal behavior.

Federal scrutiny extends beyond a single aide

The investigation into Greco is not an isolated incident; it follows a series of federal actions targeting members of Adams' inner circle.

This pattern of raids and inquiries paints a picture of a campaign and administration under significant federal scrutiny, raising questions about its overall integrity.

The case of Brianna Suggs, another key figure in the mayor's fundraising efforts, had previously brought the campaign's financial dealings into question. The focus on potential foreign influence through improper donations has added a layer of complexity to the challenges facing Adams.

Looking ahead: implications for the administration

The ongoing investigations and their focus on individuals close to Mayor Adams pose significant challenges for the administration.

The outcomes of these inquiries could have lasting impacts on the public's trust and the administration's ability to govern effectively.

With federal agents targeting multiple aides, the breadth of the investigation suggests a comprehensive effort to uncover any wrongdoing. This extensive scrutiny could lead to further revelations, deepening the challenges faced by the mayor's office.

The commitment to legal and ethical standards expressed by the administration will be tested in the weeks and months to come.


  • Federal agents raided the homes of Winnie Greco, a significant figure in Mayor Adams' administration.
  • The purpose of the investigation remains unclear, with assurances that it is unrelated to other probes into the campaign's finances.
  • Previous allegations against Greco and other aides have raised questions about the administration's ethical standards.
  • The mayor's office has responded with a commitment to legality and ethical conduct, even as it defends those under scrutiny.
  • The broader implications of the investigation for the administration and its leadership remain to be seen.