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Federal judge rules against Jack Smith in Trump case

By Stew Davidson
February 1, 2024

A federal judge has ruled in favor of former President Donald Trump, limiting the actions of special counsel Jack Smith while the case is subject to a stay.

The case at issue revolves around allegations of election interference, in which Trump's legal team has accused Smith of overstepping a stay order.

This ruling follows an appeal by Trump's team questioning the extent of presidential immunity, as MSN reported.

Judge's decision impacts legal proceedings

The judge's decision to restrict Smith’s actions marks a turning point in the legal proceedings.

Trump's legal team argued that Smith was in violation of a stay order, a claim that the judge found credible. This has led to a limitation on the filing of substantive pretrial motions by the parties involved.

In her ruling, Judge Chutkan noted the need for Trump's defense team to review each motion filed by the government.

She acknowledged that while this requirement is not overly burdensome, it is significant enough to warrant the adoption of Trump's recommendation. Thus, any further substantive pretrial motions will now require court approval.

Judge Chutkan emphasized the importance of clarifying the nature of each motion, stating:

Any such motion for leave to file shall state whether the proposed motion is ancillary to the pending appeal and so requires a timely response or other action before the mandate is returned.

Separate case sees district attorney removed

In a related development, a separate case has led to the removal of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

The case, centered around the 2020 election, saw Willis being accused of political bias and personal involvement, which resulted in her disqualification by Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney.

McBurney's ruling was influenced by Willis's political contributions and her campaign work for a candidate.

He expressed concerns that any decision made by Willis in the grand jury investigation would be affected by her political activities.

Trump's legal victory raises questions

This latest legal victory for Trump raises questions about the balance of power and the reach of presidential immunity. The judge's agreement with Trump’s legal argument has significant implications for how former presidents are treated in legal matters after leaving office.

The restrictions placed on Smith's actions underscore the complexity of legal proceedings involving former heads of state.

It also highlights the challenges faced by prosecutors in navigating the delicate balance between legal accountability and respect for presidential privileges.

While the judge did not hold Smith and his prosecutors in contempt, she acknowledged the need for clear guidelines.

This decision reflects the ongoing debate over the scope and limitations of presidential immunity, especially in cases involving election-related allegations.


  • A federal judge sides with Trump, limiting special counsel's Jack Smith's actions for the time being.
  • The ruling highlights the challenges in balancing legal accountability and presidential immunity.
  • The decision may set a precedent for future legal cases involving former presidents.
  • The case continues to evolve, reflecting the dynamic nature of American jurisprudence.