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Fergie Dispels Rumors About Possible Remarriage to Prince Andrew

 June 19, 2024

Sarah Ferguson, also historically known as the Duchess of York, has put an end to long-standing rumors that she might remarry her former husband, Prince Andrew.

Despite ongoing speculation and their close relationship, Ferguson has stated they are content with their current arrangement and have no plans to alter it, as the Daily Mail reports.

Decade-Long Speculation on Possible Remarriage

For over a decade, friends of the Duke and Duchess of York have suggested that the pair might remarry. These speculations have been fueled by their enduring close relationship even years after their divorce.

Ferguson, affectionately known as Fergie, and Prince Andrew were married at Westminster Abbey in 1986. However, their marriage ended in divorce ten years later, in 1996. Contrary to the persistent rumors, the former royal recently addressed the issue, making it clear that she and Prince Andrew would not be walking down the aisle again.

Living Arrangement and Joint Financial Ventures

Despite their divorce, the relationship between Ferguson and Prince Andrew remains strong. The former couple shares a home at the 30-room Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park, a testament to their close bond.

In 2014, the duo demonstrated their continued camaraderie by purchasing a chalet in Verbier, Switzerland, for £18 million through a joint mortgage. They sold this property for £19 million in 2022.

Fergie, now 64, is not just a former royal but also an author promoting her latest romance novel. Meanwhile, her former husband continues to play an important role in their family.

Family Dynamics and Grandparenting

Ferguson has consistently praised Prince Andrew as a wonderful father and grandfather. The couple’s daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, are both in their thirties.

Princess Beatrice, who is 35, has a daughter named Sienna with her husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi. Princess Eugenie, aged 34, has two sons, August and Ernest, with her husband Jack Brooksbank.

Ferguson expressed that Prince Andrew is thriving in his role as a grandfather, enjoying the time spent with his grandkids immensely.

Prince Andrew’s Current Status

Prince Andrew’s public life has changed significantly since a controversial interview with BBC Newsnight in 2019, leading to his resignation from royal duties. However, according to Ferguson, he is doing very well despite not being an active member of the royal family.

Just recently, Prince Andrew was seen in the public eye again. He was mentioned twice in the Court Circular for accompanying King Charles at a significant royal event.

This appearance, despite his non-working royal status, highlights his ongoing involvement in royal functions.

Fergie’s Direct Statement on Remarriage

In addressing the rumors, Ferguson stated unequivocally, "I get asked that all the time [about whether they will remarry]. We're happy with the way we are right now, thank you."

She further elaborated on Prince Andrew's well-being, stating, "[Prince Andrew] is doing 'very well' and that 'he is loving being a grandfather. He is a wonderful father and grandfather."

Public Perception and Personal Contentment

The close relationship between Ferguson and Prince Andrew continues to intrigue the public. However, their mutual contentment with how things currently stand should put to rest any lingering hopes of a remarriage.

Ferguson's statements are clear and decisive, offering a final word on the matter. The Duchess and the Duke maintain a close but non-romantic bond that works well for them and their family.

As Ferguson continues to delve into her literary pursuits, Prince Andrew remains a devoted family man, enjoying his role as a father and grandfather.


In conclusion, despite long-standing rumors and public speculation, Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew will not be remarrying.  They share a strong, platonic relationship and are satisfied with their current arrangement.

Ferguson’s recent comments affirm their commitment to their family roles and close but non-romantic bond, bringing an end to all remarriage speculations.