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First Lady Jill Biden Campaigns for Husband in Appeal to Senior Voters

 June 15, 2024

First lady Jill Biden is actively campaigning on behalf of President Joe Biden, emphasizing his age as an asset rather than a liability.

Mrs. Biden is leading the "Seniors for Biden" campaign, targeting senior voters across several states and boasting of her husband's vigor while addressing criticisms and making contrasting remarks about former President Donald Trump, as Breitbart reports.

Jill Biden Advocates for Joe Biden's Re-election

At a campaign event in Green Bay, Wisconsin, she described President Biden as a "healthy, wise 81-year-old" and emphasized that "age is a gift."

The event, reported on by CNN, took place on Thursday as part of the "Seniors for Biden" campaign, which targets voters aged 65 and over.

Jill Biden's remarks at the event were intended to address concerns about President Biden's age and to counteract criticisms regarding his mental health.

These concerns have been fueled by several public instances where he appeared confused. By sharing personal reflections on growing wiser with age, Jill Biden aimed to present a positive narrative about aging.

During the Green Bay event, Jill Biden made it clear that the upcoming election is not about age but rather about the character of the candidates. She contrasted President Biden with former President Donald Trump, calling Trump "dangerous to our livelihoods, to our security, and the future of our country."

Personal Reflections on Aging

In her speech, Jill Biden shared her own experiences and insights about aging. "The woman I am today is wiser, stronger, more insightful, and more confident than I was all those years ago," she said. She highlighted how every line on her face has been earned through various life experiences, stating, "Age is a gift."

Jill Biden's campaign tour includes stops in Wisconsin, Minnesota, California, Nevada, and Arizona. In Duluth, Minnesota, she emphasized to senior citizens that they should not be defined by their age. "We cannot be defined by a number," she told the audience, encouraging them to recognize the value of their years and experiences.

Throughout her campaign, Jill Biden has been focusing on the theme that age brings wisdom and strength. She noted that President Biden is not only capable but effective because of his age, saying, "Joe Biden is a healthy, wise 81-year-old ready and willing to work for you every day to make our future better."

Contrasting Candidates

Jill Biden also made it a point to draw distinctions between President Biden and former President Trump. She argued that the election is about the character of the person leading the country, rather than their age. "Joe and that other guy are essentially the same age. Let’s not be fooled," she remarked, urging voters to focus on the qualities and capabilities of the candidates.

The first lady's remarks in Green Bay were part of a broader effort to engage and mobilize senior voters. She acknowledged that many people underestimate the abilities of older individuals, stating, "And when people underestimate us, they do it at their own risk. Let’s show what these years can do."

Second gentleman Doug Emhoff is also participating in efforts to mobilize older voters.

He spoke at an event in Exeter, New Hampshire, on Friday morning, further supporting the "Seniors for Biden" campaign. Together, they are working to ensure that senior voters feel heard and valued in the upcoming election.


First lady Jill Biden's campaign efforts focus on reframing the narrative around President Joe Biden's age, emphasizing wisdom and experience as key advantages.

Her remarks at various events aim to counteract criticisms and highlight the character and capabilities of the President.

By targeting senior voters and drawing contrasts with former President Trump, Jill Biden is actively working to garner support for her husband's re-election.

The "Seniors for Biden" campaign, with the support of Doug Emhoff, continues to emphasize the value and strength that come with age, urging voters to recognize the importance of character in leadership.