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Florida congressman rushed to hospital after falling from his home’s roof

By Sarah May on
 January 19, 2023

In alarming news out of Florida, it was reported Wednesday that Republican Rep. Greg Steube was rushed to the hospital after taking a 25-foot plunge from a ladder at his home in Sarasota, as The Hill explains.

Details were initially sparse, with the congressman's office tweeting only that the lawmaker had “sustained several injuries” in the incident, but as time passed, additional insights into his status began to emerge.

Steube injured in fall

News of Steube's accident began to trickle in late Wednesday afternoon, when his official Twitter account disclosed the fact of the legislator's fall and pledged to “provide additional updates when possible,” as The Hill reported separately.

Though Steube's specific condition was not revealed in the tweet, the post urged followers to “please pray for the Congressman and his family,” striking a somewhat ominous tone.

On Thursday morning, Steube's official Twitter account did offer that promised update, stating that the congressman “was knocked approximately 25 feet down off a ladder while cutting tree limbs on his Sarasota property yesterday afternoon.”

“The congressman spent the night in the ICU where several serious injuries are still under assessment but not life threatening at this time. He is making progress and in good spirits,” another tweet from Steube's account read.

Steube's representatives also publicly thanked and acknowledged the person who “immediately called 911 after witnessing the congressman's fall,” someone whom the Daily Mail reported was an Amazon delivery driver who also works as a part-time aide to Republican Rep. Verne Buchanan.

Colleagues react

As news of Steube's accident emerged, legislative colleagues rushed to send their well wishes to the lawmaker and his family, as the Daily Mail further noted.

Florida Republican Sen. Rick Scott issued a statement saying, “Please join Ann and me in wishing Greg a speedy recovery. We're keeping him and the Steube family in our prayers.”

Brian Mast, another member of Florida's Republican delegation to Congress tweeted simply, “Praying for you, brother.”

The Hill indicated that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) revealed that he personally spoke with Steube on Thursday morning and echoed reports that he was “in good spirits.”

McCarthy added that the entire Republican conference “prays for a swift recovery” and that he was happy to have informed the congressman that he is slated to serve as a member of the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government once he is able to resume work.

Unapologetic, outspoken lawmaker

Steube was first elected to represent the Sarasota and Fort Myers areas back in 2019, and since then has gained a reputation as someone not afraid to unabashedly defend his beliefs.

As the New York Post reported last summer, Steube provoked the ire of several Democrats on the House Judiciary Commitee during a hearing on gun control.

Participating in the proceedings via a video link from his Florida home, Steube punctuated his position on proposed gun control legislation by displaying several of his own firearms and magazines, noting that he carries one of those weapons on his person daily for purposes of personal protection.

Clearly aghast at Steube's casual approach to handling and describing his guns, Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (TX) abruptly interrupted and said, “I hope that gun is not loaded.”

Uninterested in his colleague's words of caution, or perhaps disdain, depending on the listener's interpretation, Steube shot back, “I'm at my house. I can do whatever I want with my guns.”

After the tense exchange, Steube declared in his characteristically straightforward fashion his belief that despite claims from Democrats of concern over mass shootings, the gun control measures they propose are actually designed “to take away your right to carry whatever firearm you please to defend yourself.”