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Former Obama Adviser Questions Biden's Capability To Continue

 July 9, 2024

In a candid expression of concern, David Axelrod, a former adviser to President Obama, has publicly doubted President Joe Biden's ability to secure a victory in the upcoming election against Donald Trump.

Fox News reported that David Axelrod voiced significant concerns about President Biden's re-election prospects, particularly highlighting his age and recent debate performance.

During a recent interview with CNN, Axelrod, who served under President Obama, criticized Biden's performance in last month's debate.

This event has stirred considerable dialogue among media and political figures, leading some to suggest that Biden should consider stepping down from the upcoming race.

Concerns Amplified by Biden's Age and Debate Performance

President Biden, who will turn 82 this November, is the oldest president in U.S. history. Axelrod pinpointed Biden's age and a seeming disconnection from pressing public issues as major drawbacks in his current campaign strategy.

The discussion extended to an op-ed Axelrod penned for CNN, where he elaborated on his views following Biden's post-debate interview with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos.

The 22-minute conversation was Biden's first interview since the debate, intended to reassure the Democratic Party. However, Axelrod remarked that it did little to mitigate the growing concerns.

Democratic Unease Over Biden's Candidacy

Axelrod explicitly stated, "There are certain immutable facts of life," during his interview. He added, "Those were painfully obvious on that debate stage. The president just … hasn't come to grips with it. He's not winning this race." This stark observation reflects a broader sentiment of unease within the Democratic Party about Biden's capability to compete effectively.

Moreover, Axelrod commented on Biden's underestimation of vital public concerns, saying, "He seems not to grasp what the big concern is that people have." This has added to the skepticism surrounding Biden's campaign, as more political experts lean towards predicting a landslide defeat rather than a narrow victory for him.

Axelrod's Critical Take on the Electoral Landscape

In his CNN op-ed, Axelrod further criticized Biden's attempt to move past the debate debacle. "Biden could be excused for wanting to put his awful debate performance in the rearview mirror," he wrote. "That was his purpose Friday in sitting down for the interview — to try and quell the panic that has gripped the Democratic Party."

He concluded, "He didn't succeed," highlighting a failed attempt at damage control that could have far-reaching implications for Biden's campaign.

Despite this critique, Axelrod also acknowledged the threat posed by Donald Trump, describing him as "an almost unprecedentedly flawed candidate in so many ways and represents, I do believe, as the president says, a real danger to democracy."

Challenges Posed by Father Time

Axelrod's comments brought a personal dimension to the political critique, emphasizing that while Biden has historically overcome difficult odds, "What he can't beat is Father Time." This metaphor for Biden's age and its implications on his capacity to serve effectively captures a central concern for Axelrod and potentially the electorate.

"And that's really the concern here. It's not about his record," Axelrod continued, separating the issue of Biden's age from his political accomplishments or policies. This distinction could be crucial in how voters perceive Biden's suitability for another term.

Concluding his reflections, Axelrod made a poignant statement: "And if the stakes are as large as [Biden] says, and I believe they are, then he really needs to consider what the right thing to do here is," suggesting that Biden should reassess his candidacy in light of these challenges.

Looking Ahead in Biden's Campaign

The Biden campaign has yet to respond to these comments, as noted by a lack of comment to Fox News Digital. This silence may further fuel speculation and discussion among voters and political commentators as the election approaches.

As the political landscape continues evolving, Axelrod's forthright critique of President Biden underscores his campaign's significant challenges. The dialogue surrounding his candidacy, age, and electoral viability is set to be a defining element of this election cycle.