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Former Rep. Justin Amash joins GOP primary for U.S. Senate in Michigan

By Jimmy Turner
March 1, 2024

Former Republican Representative, now an independent, Justin Amash, has officially entered the race for the Michigan Senate seat, currently held by the retiring Democrat Senator Debbie Stabenow.

This announcement places Amash in the mix with other Republicans vying for a crucial seat that could influence the balance of power in the Senate, as Daily Wire reported

A History of Independence

Amash, known for his critical stance on former President Donald Trump, departed from the Republican Party in 2019.

His departure was a protest against what he saw as the overwhelming partisanship within both the Republican and Democratic parties.

Recently, Amash took to X to express his concerns about the growing divide in American politics. This emphasizes the need for a senator who can rise above party lines to represent the people's interests.

He stated, "Regardless of who wins the White House and Congress, the United States will remain deeply polarized.

Amash continued, "What we need is not a rubber stamp for either party, but an independent-minded senator prepared to challenge anyone and everyone on the people's behalf—someone focused not on extending federal power so Republicans or Democrats in Washington can achieve their political ends, but on ensuring that Americans have the personal and economic freedom to pursue their ends."

Amash elaborated on his vision for the Senate. This highlights his commitment to moral conservatism, opposition to the bipartisan establishment, and defense of constitutional freedoms and rights.

The Competitive Field

After opting not to seek re-election to the House in 2020 and considering a presidential run that never materialized, Amash is now focusing on the Senate.

He joins a competitive group of Republicans in Michigan. He hopes to flip the seat in the upcoming election.

The race's notable include former Reps. Mike Rogers, Peter Meijer, businessman Sandy Pensler, and Michigan State Board of Education member Nikki Snyder.

The departure of former Detroit Police Chief James Craig, once a leading candidate, has also shaken up the race.

Amash did not hold back in his campaign announcement. Nevertheless, he aimed Mike Rogers. Rogers is the candidate endorsed by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Moreso, he is favored by the establishment and implicitly.

Democratic Dominance at Stake

The Democratic Party has held both of Michigan's Senate seats since 2001, with Rep. Elissa Slotkin currently leading as the likely Democratic nominee for this race.

The upcoming election is a pivotal opportunity for the GOP to challenge Democratic control in the state amidst a series of tightly contested Senate races across the country.