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Mexican soldiers die in mine explosion on same day as Trump's border visit

By Mandy Donalds
March 2, 2024

Four Mexican soldiers were killed in a mine explosion during a mission in Michoacán, on the same day Donald Trump visited the US-Mexico border.

In a tragic turn of events, the soldiers lost their lives in the western state of Michoacán when they were caught in an explosion during a surveillance mission. The incident occurred in the small town of Aguililla, an area fraught with danger and under the shadow of drug cartel activities, as reported by the Daily Mail.

A tragic surveillance mission gone awry

The soldiers were on a routine patrol, part of their ongoing efforts to maintain peace and order in a region torn by violence.

Their mission was to conduct surveillance and search operations in fields suspected of being used by drug cartels for their nefarious activities.

Tragedy struck when an improvised explosive device, concealed within the underbrush, detonated. The explosion was immediate and deadly, claiming the life of one soldier on the spot while critically injuring others.

President López Obrador expresses regret

During his daily press briefing, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador confirmed the loss, expressing his profound sorrow over the incident.

The deaths of these soldiers weigh heavily on the nation, highlighting the dangers faced by those who serve.

The president said:

We deeply regret this crime. It weighs on me.

The deadly ambush: A closer look

Sources within the security cabinet revealed that the soldiers encountered not just the explosive trap but were also under attack from gunfire and drones equipped with explosives.

This multi-faceted assault points to a well-orchestrated ambush by the cartels.

The area between the villages of El Montoso and El Terrenatillo, where the attack took place, is known to be under the influence of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, a powerful and ruthless drug trafficking organization.

A separate attack on army helicopter

In a related incident, an army helicopter providing support to ground troops came under fire in the same region.

The aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing, raising concerns about the escalating violence and the boldness of cartel operations.

The attack on the helicopter underscores the perilous nature of military operations in regions controlled by cartels and the high risks involved in maintaining security and order.

The rising tide of violence in Mexico

These incidents are symptomatic of the broader issue of rising armed violence in Mexico, particularly under President López Obrador's tenure.

Despite his 'hugs, not bullets' policy aimed at reducing crime through non-violent means, the country has seen a sharp increase in murders and violent attacks against law enforcement and military personnel.

Since December 2018, when López Obrador took office, there have been at least 180,000 murders, with brutal slayings of police and military personnel becoming alarmingly common.

Electoral violence casts a shadow over upcoming elections

The violence has even permeated the political sphere, with two local candidates for the June 2 elections in Michoacán being murdered within hours of each other last week.

This raises fears that the upcoming elections could be among the most violent in Mexican history.

The loss of lives, both civilian and military, in the face of escalating violence, poses significant challenges to Mexico's security and its democratic processes.


  • Four soldiers were killed in an explosive ambush in Michoacán, Mexico.
  • President López Obrador expressed deep regret over the incident.
  • The attack involved sophisticated tactics, including drones equipped with explosives.
  • The incident reflects the broader issue of rising armed violence in Mexico.
  • The upcoming elections are threatened by escalating violence against political figures.