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Fox News Anchor Julie Banderas victim of alleged domestic abuse

 February 17, 2023

Fox News host Julie Banderas recently announced on live TV that she was in the process of getting a divorce from her husband, financial adviser Andrew Sansone.

It has now been revealed that Sansone was arrested and charged with two misdemeanor crimes following an incident in December in which he placed a knife to her throat, the Daily Mail reported.

Arrest made and charges filed

According to court documents reviewed by the Daily Mail, Banderas and Sansone got into an argument on Dec. 14 after he became angry that she had eaten food that he had prepared for their three children.

In his rage, Sansone is alleged to have grabbed a knife from the kitchen and placed it near her neck, which caused her to fear for her life.

Banderas notified the police several days later after the incident, at which point police took Sansone into custody and charged him with a pair of misdemeanors, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon.

Shortly after that, a judge issued a restraining order against Sansone to prohibit any further contact with Banderas, though he was still allowed visitation with their children through curbside pickups.

Arguments had worsened over time

The Daily Mail further reported that Sansone had filed for divorce from Banderas in March 2022 even as they still lived together, and per sources familiar with the matter, their arguing and fighting had intensified and become more frequent over the past year.

"They were always fighting. He would often speak to her in a very demeaning way, just really trying to make Julie feel like s--t for who she was as a person, as a mother, in her career," one unnamed source said. "I've seen it numerous times. It was never physical. It was more him berating her. He was jealous of her and would frequently put her down."

"They had a rocky relationship before. Julie is extremely tough, mentally, and never let anything get to her, just plowing through whatever happened," the source added. "But after he filed the divorce papers, it got especially awkward. He was making her feel very uncomfortable in her own home."

A second anonymous source told the outlet, "There was constant fighting between the two of them. It was a lot of putdowns from him to her, a lot of demeaning comments. She would be quite careful. She'd mentioned that the children were there, tell him to not to raise his voice, to take it easy, change the subject or go into another room."

Divorce announced on "Gutfeld"

News of the impending divorce was only recently made public, though Banderas had dropped several hints about the separation in social media posts over the past few months.

It was actually during an appearance on Fox News' "Gutfeld" on Feb. 9 that she officially announced the imminent split during an explicit rant in opposition to Valentine's Day, according to Mediaite.

Asked by host Greg Gutfeld if she expected to receive any gifts for the holiday, Banderas proclaimed, "F--k Valentine's Day. Yeah, it's stupid. I mean, even when I was married, I didn’t get s--t for Valentine’s Day."

A surprised Gutfeld asked if she was now no longer married, to which Banderas replied, "Well, I’m getting a divorce. I’m gonna go ahead and say it right here for the very first time." She then added that "congratulations are in order" and that "If you know me, you’ll clap" for the "breaking news" she had just shared.

Help for domestic violence victims is available

Domestic abuse, whether verbally or with violence, is a serious issue that should never be taken lightly or dismissed as no big deal.

If you or anyone you know is a victim of domestic abuse and violence, there is a National Domestic Violence Hotline that can be called to receive advice and assistance on how to address the problem.