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Fox News destroys Dem narrative defending Hunter Biden

 January 29, 2024

Democratic Rep. Jared Moskowitz (FL-03) has argued that Republicans are displaying hypocrisy in their pursuit of contempt charges against Hunter Biden, but that contention is being met with resistance.

However, Fox News anchor John Roberts scrutinized Moskowitz's assertions on Wednesday, highlighting potential weaknesses in his argument, as The Blaze reported.

This discussion unfolded in the wake of Hunter Biden's unexpected appearance at a House Oversight Committee hearing, in which he was the subject of a potential contempt citation.

Critique of Congressman Moskowitz's Stance

Moskowitz put forward a two-pronged defense.

Initially, he argued that Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (KY-01), a Republican, had initially invited Hunter Biden for a public testimony but later backtracked, seeking a private session in a secluded area, leading to a transcript that might not be disclosed.

Furthermore, Moskowitz contended that if Hunter Biden is to face contempt charges, then GOP lawmakers who ignored the Jan. 6 committee's subpoenas should be similarly reprimanded.

However, Roberts was quick to challenge these claims.

"First of all, you said a transcript that will never see the light of day," he began.

Roberts went on, "These transcripts will be released to the public. I mean, that's part of the deal — it was the same thing with the Jan. 6 committee."

He further stated, "And in terms of whether or not Comer ever said, 'Look, you can do it behind closed doors, you can do it in public' — the subpoena was specifically for a behind-closed-doors deposition, which Hunter Biden continues to refuse to do."

"So legal experts are saying it's not what Comer may or may not have said in public, it's what the subpoena says," Roberts concluded.

Moskowitz, faced with these counterpoints, acknowledged that it was up to Hunter's legal team to address the subpoena.

He also stated his willingness to endorse the contempt resolutions against Hunter, but only if GOP congress members who snubbed the Jan. 6 committee face similar repercussions.

Addressing Misconceptions and Double Standards

However, this comparison is somewhat misleading. Firstly, because the subpoenas from the previous Congress had already expired and are no longer legally binding.

Secondly, Congress, by not initiating contempt charges against these GOP lawmakers, effectively chose not to take action, although referrals were made to the House Ethics Committee.

Roberts further highlighted the inconsistency by showcasing clips of Democrats who had previously advocated for closed-door depositions during the Jan. 6 committee investigation.

"A lot of critics are saying, congressman, 'Rules for me, but not for thee,'" Roberts observed.