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Giuliani says millions have been spent investigating him – and the feds aren’t done yet

 September 4, 2023

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has spoken out about the extensive and costly investigations that have been launched against him.

Giuliani recently expressed his frustrations with federal prosecutors in particular. He likened their probes of him to a "fishing expedition," stating they are attempting to pin a charge against both him and former President Donald Trump by overwhelming them with discovery requests, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Giuliani's legal struggles escalate

In a recent interview, Giuliani discussed the massive legal challenges he's been facing.

Only days prior, he had pleaded not guilty to accusations of interfering with the 2020 election in Georgia.

This incident followed a judge's ruling against Giuliani in a defamation lawsuit initiated by two poll workers.

Expensive legal battles

The legal battles have proven costly for Giuliani.

After failing to provide necessary evidence in the defamation case, he was ordered to pay $132,000 in legal fees.

The official presiding over that case was Judge Beryl Howell.

In her 57-page decision, she noted that Giuliani had only produced a minuscule portion of the financial documents required for the case.

Judge Howell stated that Giuliani's reasons for not disclosing the documents were illogical.

Countering the judge's statements, Giuliani offered his own version of the events.

He claimed that the federal government has already expended approximately $20 million in efforts to target him.

Claims of "punishment by process"

Giuliani described the situation as "punishment by process."

He alleges that the primary motive behind the numerous federal discovery requests is to unearth potentially incriminating evidence that they wouldn't have access to otherwise.

Additionally, he speculated that external entities are financing the federal government's cases against him.

He cited the defamation case in Atlanta as an example.

In this case, two poll workers from Fulton sued Giuliani for wrongfully accusing them of ballot manipulation.

According to Giuliani, a prominent Wall Street law firm represented these workers, even though such cases aren't typical of the sort of work they undertake.

He estimated their legal fees to be in the ballpark of $15 to $20 million.

Giuliani pushes back

Emphasizing the volume of evidence requested from him, Giuliani alleged that only a small fraction of these requests are relevant.

He believes the rest aim to uncover crimes that he or Trump might have committed.

Despite these allegations, Giuliani humorously challenged any further potential lawsuits, referencing his famed legal battles against the New York mob in the 90s.

Furthermore, Giuliani has been indicted on 13 felony counts.

These charges relate to his alleged efforts to persuade officials to influence the 2020 election and to overturn Trump's loss to Joe Biden.

Mugshot and Trump's response

Following his arrest, Giuliani's mugshot was taken and later released by the Fulton County Sheriff's office.

This occurred shortly before former President Donald Trump's own surrender for processing.

Trump took to social media to voice his support for his former attorney, lamenting Giuliani's arrest and emphasizing his fight for "election integrity."

Defiant stance

Giuliani, once known for his vigorous prosecutions of mob bosses, now finds himself defending against election fraud allegations.

He's even facing charges under the RICO Act, legislation he previously employed against organized crime.

Upon his release on a $150,000 bail, Giuliani was confronted by a mixture of Trump supporters, protestors, and media.

When questioned about his association with Trump, he replied with pride, declaring the case a defense of American values.

Labelling the indictment against him as a "travesty," Giuliani proclaimed it as an assault on the American public.

He boasted about his accomplishments both as a prosecutor and a mayor.

Despite the challenges and the public scrutiny, he remains unyielding, warning that if such legal actions can be taken against him, they could be levied against anyone.


  • Giuliani is facing numerous legal challenges and significant expenses.
  • He alleges that the federal investigations are extensive and financially backed by external sources.
  • Despite the accusations and public scrutiny, Giuliani remains defiant, viewing his legal battles as a defense of American values.
  • Former President Trump has publicly shown his support for Giuliani, emphasizing his fight for "election integrity."