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Glenn Beck podcast removed from iTunes without warning from Apple: Report

 August 17, 2023

Apple has reportedly taken down Glenn Beck's podcast from its iTunes platform without prior notice.

In a recent development, tech giant Apple removed the podcast of the Blaze Media founder from its iTunes platform. This unexpected move has raised eyebrows in the media community, as Daily Wire reported

Beck's response to the removal

Beck, a pioneer among conservatives in establishing alternative media, shared in a video that he was notified of the removal through an email from the Apple Podcasts Team.

The email stated that there was an "issue" with The Glenn Beck Program that needed resolution before it could be reinstated on Apple Podcasts.

On his social media account, Beck expressed his concerns, stating:

I have a feeling these ‘issues’ with @Apple and others will keep happening the more we’re over the target.

The email he received from Apple directed him to a link for more information, but it only reiterated the removal of his program.

Beck's speculation on the removal

Beck was gearing up for another episode when he and his team discovered the removal. He voiced his concerns about big tech companies possibly censoring conservative voices.

“This is absolutely freedom of speech,” Beck emphasized, asserting that there was no content in his program that would justify its removal.

The upcoming episode of his podcast is titled “Trump vs. Biden: Which is the Crime Family?” This episode intends to delve into former President Donald Trump’s fourth indictment and its potential implications on free speech.

It also aims to draw comparisons with alleged evidence concerning Hunter Biden and President Joe Biden.

Beck speculated that this episode might be the reason behind the removal, saying:

Maybe that’s what it is … maybe they’re just smoked because, you know, I’m pointing out the real crime family tonight.

Apple's silence and Beck's optimism

While Apple has yet to provide an official statement on the matter, Beck chose to give them the benefit of the doubt, suggesting it could be a mere “glitch.”

However, he also pointed out that such "glitches" often require public outcry before they are addressed and rectified.

Beck further commented on the increasing number of such incidents, especially as the election approaches.

He said:

I think the closer and closer we get to this election, the more and more glitches are going to happen.

Reactions from the media community

BlazeTV host Steve Deace took to social media to express his views on the matter, noting that even if it was a glitch, such "glitches" seem to predominantly affect one side.

Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing also chimed in, stating:

This must be a mistake. Glenn is one of the best men in the business and perhaps the greatest living broadcaster. Make this right.

Despite its removal from iTunes, The Glenn Beck Program podcast remains accessible on BlazeTV, Spotify, YouTube, and Stitcher.

Restoration of the podcast

Six hours post the removal, Beck announced that Apple had restored over 3000 episodes of his show to iTunes.

However, the tech giant did not provide any clear explanation for the earlier issue. Beck expressed his gratitude to everyone who voiced their concerns, emphasizing that the issue of censorship transcends politics.

He noted:

I want to thank everyone (on the left, right and everyone in between) who spoke up today. I wish I had better answers from Apple on what happened, but you gave me hope that the issue of censorship is still bigger than politics.


  • Apple removed Glenn Beck's podcast from iTunes without prior notice.
  • Beck speculated that the removal might be due to the content of his upcoming episode.
  • While Apple has not issued an official statement, Beck suggested the removal might be a "glitch."
  • Several media personalities expressed their concerns and support for Beck.
  • Beck's podcast was restored on iTunes six hours after its removal, but without a clear explanation from Apple.