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GOP investigators zero in on ‘Boston connection’ in Biden’s hidden emails

 September 1, 2023

Sens. Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, both Republicans, have taken steps to learn whether materials housed at a Boston attorney's office known to have ties to President Joe Biden have any connections to certain pseudonyms or private email addresses he is claimed to have used.

The senators have formally approached the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), inquiring if its employees have checked the contents of nine boxes that were reportedly transferred from a former Biden-associated think tank in Washington, D.C., to Patrick Moore's law firm in Boston, as the Daily Wire reported.

Senators Query Boston Records

The senators have asked, "did any of the Biden records discovered at Mr. Moore's Boston office include the pseudonyms and email addresses listed below that then-Vice President Biden used?"

The emails and pseudonyms in question include "," "," "JRB Ware," and "67stingray."

NARA had previously informed the senators that the agency procured these nine boxes from Boston after the Justice Department sought them last November.

That outcome came in relation to an inquiry concerning Biden's approach to confidential documents placed under the oversight of Special Counsel Robert Hur.

In previous communications, Grassley and Johnson inquired if NARA was aware of the presence of those specific email addresses in the Boston materials.

However, the agency maintained that it hadn't examined the contents at that point.

Biden's Alleged Pseudonym Use Under Scrutiny

Recently, there's been increasing scrutiny over Biden's alleged use of pseudonyms. This comes as the Southeastern Legal Foundation has taken legal action against NARA, demanding the release of around 5,400 records linked to accounts believed to be Biden's alternate names.

Earlier this month, House Oversight Chairman James Comer (KY-01) directed NARA to provide all uncensored records concerning Biden's vice-presidential responsibilities.

Notably, those that coincided with his son Hunter's Ukrainian ventures singling out a document purportedly dispatched to" '" Robert L. Peters' — a pseudonym the Committee has identified as then Vice President Biden."

While Biden has always maintained that he never discussed business matters with his son, Hunter, GOP investigators suggest there's evidence of significant foreign funds directed towards the first family under questionable circumstances.

The narrative from the White House has now shifted, with claims that the senior Biden never engaged in business activities with his son. It appears House Republicans might be gearing up for an impeachment process.

Seeking Detailed Explanation from NARA

In a recent communication, Sens. Grassley and Johnson urged U.S. Archivist Colleen Shogan to confirm if the roughly 5,400 records NARA acknowledged could be relevant to the Southeastern Legal Foundation's FOIA request and if they encompassed all records having Biden's suspected pseudonyms and official email addresses.

The senators asked that if the NARA team hadn't yet examined the Boston boxes, that officials from the agency "please explain."

The senators further outlined their additional requirements, such as the provision of specific details concerning NARA's responses to the Southeastern Legal Foundation encompassing a review of "approximately 5,138 email messages, 25 electronic files, and 200 pages of potentially responsive records."

The senators have given NARA a deadline of Sept. 12 to provide this information. While acknowledging receipt of the senators' letter, a NARA representative refrained from commenting further.