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GOP Rep. Carter Urges Biden to Undergo Cognitive Evaluation

 June 27, 2024
A Republican lawmaker has formally urged President Joe Biden to submit to a formal assessment of his cognitive health, signaling GOP worries about his mental fitness as the November election looms.

On Monday, Rep. Earl "Buddy" Carter -- a pharmacist by training -- sent a significant letter to the White House addressed to chief of staff Jeff Zients, calling for President Biden to undergo cognitive testing, as Fox News reports.

Carter, who has decades of experience in his prior line of work, expressed grave concerns about the president's ability to effectively fulfill his duties.

The request comes amid several reported incidents that have raised eyebrows concerning Biden's mental acuity.

The Wall Street Journal has documented numerous moments in which the president has appeared to struggle, including prolonged periods of closing his eyes and occasional confusion during public appearances.

Specific examples noted in the report include an incident in January in which Biden mixed up the names of two Hispanic cabinet secretaries. Additionally, he mistakenly claimed to have spoken with deceased former leaders at the 2021 G-7 Summit, adding to the controversies.

Pharmacist's Professional Perspective on Cognitive Health

Carter, utilizing his medical background, pointed to these instances as indicative of possible cognitive decline. "As a consultant pharmacist for several decades, I have treated patients in nursing homes and recognize the signs of cognitive decline," Carter stated in the letter. This perspective has informed his request for transparency concerning the President's mental health.

In his correspondence, Carter also recounted Biden's physical mishaps, such as difficulties in boarding Air Force One. He emphasized the need for the President to demonstrate his capability to handle both domestic and international crises effectively.

The call for a cognitive test is aimed at ensuring public confidence in Biden’s capacity to manage the responsibilities of his office. Carter strongly advocates for the results of such a test to be made public.

White House Response to Cognitive Concerns

The White House has previously responded to queries about Biden's mental fitness. Earlier this month, White House spokesman Andrew Bates defended the president, describing him as a "savvy and effective leader." Bates highlighted endorsements from congressional Republicans, foreign leaders, and national-security experts who view Biden as capable and accomplished.

"Congressional Republicans, foreign leaders, and nonpartisan national-security experts have made clear in their own words that President Biden is a savvy and effective leader who has a deep record of legislative accomplishment," Bates said, countering the narrative of cognitive decline.

Despite these assurances, the debate over Biden's cognitive health continues to be a focal point, especially as former President Donald Trump, who has also faced similar scrutiny, prepares to challenge Biden in the upcoming election.

Broader Implications for Presidential Fitness

Carter's initiative reflects a broader concern among Republicans as the presidential election approaches. The focus on cognitive health is becoming a significant topic of discussion, paralleling concerns historically raised during election cycles.

Former White House physician and current Texas Congressman Ronny Jackson, who has previously called for cognitive and drug testing for Biden, supports Carter's request. This aligns with a growing demand from certain political quarters for more rigorous health transparency from presidential candidates.

Carter concluded his letter by stressing the importance of public trust in the president’s mental and intellectual health. "The American people can no longer be left to wonder about their safety and security because of the President’s deteriorating mental state," he implored.

Conclusion: The Demand for Transparency

In conclusion, Rep. Carter’s letter has sparked a renewed debate over the cognitive capabilities of high office holders.

The call for Biden to undergo a cognitive assessment is not just about the president's personal health, but about the broader principle of transparency and public trust in elected leaders.

The outcome of this request, and its impact on public perception and Biden's electoral prospects, remains to be seen.