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Gov. Sanders Orders 40 Arkansas Guardsmen to Assist in Texas Border Mission

By Christina Davie
April 2, 2024

In a significant move aimed at bolstering security along the southern border, 40 members of the Arkansas National Guard embarked on a mission to Texas on April 1st.

This deployment, under the direction of Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, is a strategic initiative to tackle illegal immigration, drug, and human trafficking issues, as THV 11 reports.

The guardsmen were deployed on Monday, April 1, marking the start of a 60-day mission to assist the Texas National Guard. Their deployment aims at addressing critical issues plaguing the southern border, including illegal immigration, drug trafficking, and human trafficking. A departure ceremony held at 9 a.m. on Monday at Fort Chaffee Joint Maneuver Training Center near Barling, Arkansas, marked their send-off.

Prior to their deployment, on March 28, the selected guardsmen underwent extensive preparation at Fort Chaffee Joint Maneuver Training Center. This preparation included administrative processing, medical readiness screenings, first aid training, and pre-deployment checks, ensuring they were fully equipped for the mission ahead.

Guardians of the Border: Arkansas Steps Forward

The initiative to deploy Arkansas National Guard members to the southern border was directed by Sanders in March. This action signifies the state's proactive stance in supporting border security operations, reinforcing the collaboration between Arkansas and Texas in securing the border.

During their deployment, the Arkansas guardsmen will operate under the orders of Sanders. However, the Texas National Guard will serve as the lead agency, guiding the operations and ensuring the effective execution of the mission. This collaboration highlights the unity and shared objectives between the states in addressing border security challenges.

Sanders has been a vocal advocate for border security, demonstrated by her visits to the border. She first visited in July 2023 and again on Feb. 4, 2024, accompanied by 14 other governors. These visits were not only to show support for the deployed Arkansas Guardsmen but also to underscore the state's commitment to aiding Texas in its border security efforts.

Reinforcing the Border: A Unified Effort

The deployment of Arkansas guardsmen to the Texas border is not an isolated event. In the previous year, 80 guardsmen from the Arkansas National Guard were also deployed to support Operation Lonestar. From June 24 through Aug. 5, they performed lookout and observation post duties, playing a vital role in the operation's success.

This ongoing partnership between Arkansas and Texas in securing the southern border is a testament to the collaborative efforts undertaken by states to ensure national security. The deployment of the Arkansas National Guard members serves as a proactive measure in combating the multifaceted challenges faced at the border.

The collaboration and strategic planning behind this deployment reflect a comprehensive approach to border security. By supporting Texas, Arkansas contributes to a larger effort aimed at safeguarding the nation's borders from illegal activities and threats.

A Symbol of Dedication and Partnership

The selection and training of the guardsmen for this mission underscore the seriousness with which Arkansas approaches its commitment to border security. The administrative processing, medical screenings, and readiness training conducted at Fort Chaffee ensure that the guardsmen are well-prepared for the challenges they will face on the border.

The leadership role of the Texas National Guard in this operation, with the Arkansas guardsmen remaining under Sanders' orders, illustrates a well-coordinated effort between the states. This structured approach ensures that the mission's objectives are met efficiently and effectively, with each state playing a critical role in the broader security strategy.

With drug trafficking, illegal immigration, and human trafficking posing significant challenges along the southern border, the deployment of the Arkansas National Guard members is a timely and crucial response. This initiative reflects the dedication and commitment of Arkansas to support Texas in maintaining security and order at the border.

Forward Together: Strengthening National Security

As the Arkansas guardsmen embark on their 60-day mission, their efforts will contribute significantly to the ongoing operations at the southern border. Their roles in supporting the Texas National Guard are pivotal in addressing the complex issues of illegal immigration, drug trafficking, and human trafficking.

The partnership between Arkansas and Texas is a powerful example of how states can come together to address national security challenges. By pooling resources and expertise, they strengthen the United States' border security measures, demonstrating a united front against common threats.

This deployment is a clear indicator of the proactive measures states are willing to take to ensure the safety and security of the nation's borders. It underscores the importance of state-level support in national security efforts and highlights the role of the National Guard in addressing critical challenges facing the country.

A Commitment to Security and Support

In conclusion, the deployment of 40 Arkansas National Guard members to the Texas border represents a significant step in addressing the challenges of illegal immigration, drug trafficking, and human trafficking.

This initiative, directed by Sanders, showcases Arkansas's commitment to supporting Texas and enhancing border security.

Through preparation, collaboration, and a unified effort, these guardsmen are poised to make a substantial impact on the safety and security of the southern border.

The ongoing partnership between Arkansas and Texas is a testament to the collective resolve to safeguard the nation and uphold the rule of law.