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Whitmer Loses Remote Link When Interviewer Asks About Hunter Biden Trial

 June 10, 2024

Michigan Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer appeared to lose her connection during a CNN interview Sunday when asked about the ongoing criminal trial of Hunter Biden, causing her to temporarily drop out of the segment.

Upon reconnecting, Whitmer did not provide a detailed opinion on the Hunter Biden matter but shared strong views on former President Donald Trump’s legal issues, as the Daily Wire reports.

Interview on CNN's State of the Union

Whitmer participated in a remote interview on CNN’s State of the Union, hosted by Dana Bash. The interview covered various topics, including the legal troubles of Hunter Biden and former President Trump.

When asked about Hunter Biden's trial, which entered its second week in a Delaware federal court, Whitmer experienced sudden connectivity issues.

Hunter Biden faces three felony charges linked to a 2018 firearm purchase. These charges include lying on the background check and illegal possession of the firearm due to his addiction to crack cocaine.

As soon as Bash mentioned Hunter Biden's criminal trial, Whitmer's connection faltered. She was heard saying, "Dana, are you there?" indicating she could not hear Bash's question. Due to the technical difficulties, CNN decided to end that segment of the interview.

Governor Whitmer Rejoins Interview

Shortly after the interruption, Whitmer rejoined the interview. However, when asked again about Hunter Biden’s case, she avoided providing a comment.

"You know, I don’t know how to weigh in on that, Dana," Whitmer responded, choosing not to elaborate on the trial.

During the earlier part of the interview, Whitmer shared her opinions on former President Donald Trump’s legal situation. She emphasized that no one in a democracy is above the law and commented on Trump’s actions.

Whitmer's Comments on Trump

Whitmer spoke extensively about former President Trump’s trial and his subsequent conviction in Manhattan. She remarked, "Under this democracy, no one’s above the law. Everyone is held into account." She went on to highlight that Donald Trump is now a convicted felon.

Continuing her critique, Whitmer stated, "[He] flouts the law and cheats and just got caught." Her comments underscored her strong stance against the former president’s conduct and legal outcomes.

The contrast between Whitmer's reticence on Hunter Biden’s trial and her openness about Trump’s conviction is notable. While she refrained from discussing the specifics of Hunter Biden’s case, she did not hesitate to voice her disapproval of Trump, underlining her belief in legal accountability.

Context of Hunter Biden's Trial

Hunter Biden’s legal issues stem from allegations related to a firearm purchase in 2018. He is accused of making false statements on the background check form and illegally possessing the firearm due to his crack cocaine addiction. The trial's progression is closely watched, given the political implications surrounding it.

Whitmer’s response, or lack thereof, to the questions about Hunter Biden may reflect a cautious approach given the trial's sensitivity and the potential political fallout.

Public and Media Reactions

The incident has sparked various reactions from the public and media. Some speculate whether the connection issue was a convenient way to avoid answering a tough question, while others view it as a genuine technical problem.

Regardless of the technical hiccups, Whitmer took the opportunity to articulate her views on another significant issue. Her comments about Trump emphasize her position that accountability is paramount in a democracy.

As the interviews and statements surrounding these high-profile cases continue to unfold, they serve as a reminder of the deeply interconnected nature of politics, law, and media.


Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s CNN interview took an unexpected turn when technical issues caused a temporary drop-off just as she was asked about Hunter Biden’s trial.

Despite the interruption, she rejoined the segment but chose not to comment in detail on the matter. Instead, she expressed strong opinions on former President Donald Trump’s legal situation, highlighting her belief in legal accountability.

The incident and her remarks underscore the complex and sensitive dynamics at play in politics and media coverage.