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Guilty verdict rendered in case of man who abused, threatened a child for 5 long years

 August 16, 2023

In Grand Prairie, Texas, a 33-year-old man named John Paul Garcia has been sentenced to 43 years without the possibility of parole.

Garcia was convicted of continuously sexually abusing a child and threatening her siblings.

The sentence was announced last Friday, as Fox News reported.

Jury Verdict and Victim's Bravery

Ellis County District Attorney Ann Montgomery revealed her sentencing decision on Tuesday.

She highlighted that a jury found Garcia guilty after a trial that lasted an entire week.

According to Montgomery's press release, the young victim, whom Garcia had assaulted since she was seven years old, revealed her torment to her grandmother.

Montgomery praised the "incredible courage and strength" displayed by the young victim during the trial.

The statement added, "I appreciate the multiple agencies and civilian witnesses that came together to support this child who suffered repeated, vile sexual acts by Garcia."

The Abuse

Garcia subjected the young girl to abuse across three counties and four cities over the course of five years.

This included offenses in a home in Midlothian, Texas.

The investigation revealed that Garcia was not a stranger but had a relationship with the victim's family.

However, the specifics of the relationship were not given.

The child disclosed to authorities that Garcia had threatened her during the years of her abuse.

The prosecutor reveals that the accused used intimidation tactics, vowing to assault the victim's younger siblings unless she allowed him to continue abusing her.

The Investigation

Detective Jason O'Briant of the Midlothian Police Department was the lead investigator into Garcia's crimes.

Assistant County and District Attorneys Kevin Boneberg and Kayce Witt were responsible for trying the case.

Hopefully, the outcome of the case will bring a measure of closure and a sense of justice to all those harmed by Garcia's conduct.