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Gunman opens fire in broad daylight on Boston street

By Sarah May on
 May 26, 2023

A harrowing scene broke out on Wednesday evening in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston, when a pair of gunmen opened fire on a sidewalk and sent bystanders – including children – scurrying for safety, as the Daily Mail reports.

The frightening incident unfolded on Shawmut Avenue near Ramsay Park, according to Boston CBS affiliate WBZ, striking fear and anger into the hearts of witnesses and those living in the immediate vicinity.

Gunfight Sparks Panic

The aforementioned chaos kicked off when a man sporting a red hoodie began firing shots on the street, sending folks fleeing out of fear.

It was then that another gunman, wearing a brown sweatshirt, was said to have shot back.

Over the course of the exchange, roughly 20 rounds were fired near a string of small businesses that line the sidewalk, and bullets reportedly struck cars that were parked in the area.

As of yet, no arrests have been made, but thankfully, no injuries were said to have been sustained by those who were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time.

“Very Angry”

As WBZ reports, locals living near the scene of the gunfire expressed outrage over the seemingly increased incidence of violence taking place in the city.

The fact that Wednesday's shootout took place in such close proximity to children playing in the park was a particular source of frustration.

Shekisha Vicks told the outlet, “I'm very angry because that can be anyone and it doesn't matter who it is, no one should be in the middle of gunfire and violence.”

Vicks added, “This just hurt my mind, heart, and stomach just knowing I was just down here an hour and a half ago, it could have been me and my mother who was in the midst of this.”

Recurring Scourge

Local mother Nicole Thomas explained, “My son plays basketball in this neighborhood with the league, so I don't want him to be part of this stuff, so I try to stay out of this area.”

Ramsay Park has reportedly been the scene of repeated acts of violence, particularly involving guns, and though some law enforcement outreach work has been attempted, according to those living nearby, it has not been sufficient to move the needle.

As Vicks noted, “[t]his particular park where that happened there is a lot of violence that happens in that park, but unfortunately, it's just not addressed, it's not addressed.”

Thomas offered food for thought to those who might engage in violent interactions such as Wednesday's barrage of gunfire, saying, “[p]ut the guns down, think about the kids, think about the young men and women who are out here. I want to be safe as well, we should live in a community where we're safe and feel OK.”

Daytime Shooting Claims Pastor

The Greater Boston area saw yet another act of horrifying violence this week, when a man was fatally shot in his vehicle on Monday on Columbia Road in Dorchester, as Fox affiliate WFXT reports. According to Boston Police, the victim was later identified as Danny Mayers, 33, who served as a pastor in the nearby town of Haverhill.

Mayers' family issue a statement saying, “We are extremely devastated, and this loss is unfathomable as we try to understand the details of this tragedy and find who took the life of someone who impacted so many others in nothing but the most positive ways.”

“Danny's life was taken in broad daylight,” the statement continued. “As a family, we are all hurting, and the lack of information that would help with the ongoing investigation leaves us with an even deeper sense of loss.”

Boston Police Commissioner Michael Cox later asked for the public's help, asking anyone with information about the shooting or the identity of the gunman – who was said to have fled on foot – to contact authorities as soon as possible.