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Gunpoint Robbery of Congressman's Staffer Near Capitol Stirs Alarm Over Rising Crime

 June 13, 2024

A harrowing gunpoint robbery targeting a Republican congressman's staffer has spotlighted the escalating violent crime near the U.S. Capitol.

Octavian Miller, a staffer for Republican Rep. Mike Collins, was confronted by two masked gunmen in the Navy Yard neighborhood of Washington, D.C., an upscale residential area known for its proximity to major landmarks, as the Daily Mail reports.

Miller and a friend were walking through the neighborhood when the attackers demanded his watch. Miller, choosing not to risk his life, complied without resistance.

Disturbing Spike in Crime Around Capitol

The robbery took place against the backdrop of a significant increase in local crime, including shootings and armed robberies. Rep. Mike Collins, in response to this incident, described the capital as a "warzone."

Adding to the concern Sen. Rand Paul also recently suffered noteworthy injuries in a similar attack. Moreover, Rep. Henry Cuellar himself became a victim of a gunpoint carjacking by three masked assailants back in October.

D.C> Mayor Muriel Bowser has faced criticism over her handling of crime, with many attributing the rise in violence to lenient policies towards criminals.

Victims Face Peril in Prominent Locations

Navy Yard, where Miller was robbed, is situated close to the U.S. Capitol and the Nationals baseball stadium, areas typically associated with high security. This has not insulated residents and visitors from the uptick in violent acts, which has sown fear across the community.

According to police reports, the crime rates in D.C. have escalated sharply, with 885 robberies and over 2,150 motor vehicle thefts recorded halfway through the year 2024.

Rep. Collins highlighted the inadequacy of local law enforcement in prosecuting and pursuing criminals, suggesting a breakdown in law and order.

Survivor Speaks on the Terrifying Ordeal

"One of them asked for my watch, which I wasn't ready to die for," Miller recounted during an interview, stressing the potential deadliness of the confrontation. His remarks underscore the stark choices victims often face during such violent encounters.

"This could have ended very differently. Thankfully, these two individuals were not looking for a murder charge," he added, reflecting on the fortunate escape from what could have been a far graver outcome.

Miller expressed his concerns about living in a capital where he felt unprotected and vulnerable, urging D.C.'s leaders to prioritize the safety of their constituents.

Legislative Reactions and Calls for Action

The incident has prompted fierce debates among lawmakers about the state of public safety and the effectiveness of current policies. "Our nation's capital has become a warzone because of pro-criminal policies peddled by D.C.'s government," declared Rep. Collins on social media platform X.

Such incidents highlight the challenges facing law enforcement and the need for stringent measures to curb the menace of street crime, especially in areas close to national significance.

Miller's harrowing experience has not only highlighted his own vulnerability but also that of countless others in the nation's capital, spurring calls for a reassessment of safety and security measures.


In conclusion, the alarming incident involving Octavian Miller underscores a broader crisis of rising violent crime rates near the U.S. Capitol.

This pattern of violence, affecting residents and staffers alike, calls for urgent action to restore law and order. As the community grapples with fear and uncertainty, the spotlight is now on local authorities to tighten security measures and reassess their approach to crime prevention.