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Prince Harry takes selfie at LA aviation award ceremony like a reality star would

By Stew Davidson
January 22, 2024

Prince Harry has received a cautionary warning to maintain distance from a German man who claims princely status and who stands accused of utilizing his dubious associations to promote a questionable "wealth elixir."

This warning comes after Prince Harry took a selfie with this individual at an aviation awards ceremony in Los Angeles known as the "Living Legends of Aviation" on Friday night, as the Daily Mail reported.

During the event, Prince Harry appeared jovial while posing alongside Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe, who was previously referred to as the "King of Trash TV."

Questionable Royal Ties

Prince Mario-Max's website touts ancestral connections tracing back to William of Orange, though these connections would be extremely distant in relation to the British Royals.

However, this connection has been disputed by Prince Alexander of Schaumburg-Lippe, the family's head, who accuses Mario-Max of using the family name for personal advantage.

Prince Alexander's stark warning to Prince Harry was, "Stay away from this man."

Mario-Max's Dubious Reputation

Mario-Max, who asserts his entitlement to the royal title following his adoption by a distant relative of the royal family at the age of 23, has earned the unflattering moniker of "the King of Trash TV" in the German media.

This reputation stems from his appearances on the German edition of Big Brother and his promotion of various products, including a purported "wealth elixir," through shopping channels.

In addition to his media appearances, Mario-Max is known for his frequent visits to the U.S., where he socializes with celebrities such as Paris Hilton.

His posting of the selfie with Prince Harry from the event garnered criticism from numerous quarters.

Harry's Moment at the Aviation Awards

While the encounter with Mario-Max garnered attention, Prince Harry's primary reason for attending the event was his induction into the "Living Legends of Aviation."

During the ceremony, he shared a light-hearted story about his first flight experience, which involved his father, King Charles. This personal anecdote was well-received by the audience.

King Charles' Aviation Background

The event also highlighted the royal family's connection to aviation. King Charles has a history with the Royal Air Force, having trained as both a jet and helicopter pilot.

His passion for flying began early, and he was the first royal to earn RAF Wings as Flight Lieutenant Wales.

Harry's Tribute

Absent from the event was Meghan Markle, who was reportedly staying home with a sick child. Prince Harry, however, seized the opportunity to honor his late mother, Princess Diana, and his own military career.

He acknowledged John Travolta's past encounter with Princess Diana and reflected on his ten-year military service, including tours in Afghanistan.

His founding of the Invictus Games, an event for wounded military personnel, was also recognized.