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Hollywood actor admits that he has become a prepper

 May 25, 2023

Josh Duhamel, a well-known actor famous for his roles in "Shotgun Wedding" and "Transformers," recently transitioned from Hollywood's glitz to the solitude of the North Dakota wilderness.

The 50-year-old actor confessed to being "a bit of a doomsday prepper" and has been investing in survivalist preparations. He created a sanctuary for his family in his home state's remote lands, the Daily Wire reports.

Beginning of a Transformation

Duhamel said his journey to self-sufficiency began with a simple cabin in the woods, devoid of electricity and running water. "It started with one little cabin in the woods with no electricity and no water... It was disgusting," Duhamel said.

Despite the stark contrast with his previously luxurious Hollywood lifestyle, Duhamel embraced the change.

Expansion of the Sanctuary

The concept of a safe sanctuary began to materialize when Duhamel acquired an adjacent property, expanding his estate to a vast 54 acres.

"I bought it for like nothing, this beautiful little idyllic cabin on the water," Duhamel said. His transformation from Hollywood glamor to rustic simplicity truly took off here.

Shaping the Land and Venturing into Agriculture

Duhamel began shaping his land into an entire compound, motivated by the idea of building a refuge in case of a crisis. He equipped both cabins with water and electricity, created trails through the property, and even ventured into agriculture.

"We shaped the land. We created trails through it. I'm actually growing crops out there," Duhamel said. His yield this year includes corn and pumpkins, a step up from the simpler crops like clover and chicory he initially grew to feed local deer.

Learning Survival Skills

Duhamel's survival plan includes caring for wildlife, but his ultimate goal is to sustain his family. "It's called a food plot. My idea is that I want to be able to hunt a deer," Duhamel said, even though he admitted he lacks hunting experience.

In Duhamel's words, adapting to the wilderness lifestyle has fostered resilience, preparing him for potential life curveballs.

Duhamel told Inverse, "I've become a bit of a doomsday prepper, I guess. I'm building something so if things do go south, I have a place to take my family."

Sharing the Journey

Duhamel shared his unique journey with glimpses of his project, featuring pictures and videos highlighting his passion and commitment.

His focus goes beyond owning and maintaining his property; it involves hands-on tasks such as changing tires, maintaining machinery, and moving dirt, Page Six reported.

His "lizard brain," as he puts it, remains active as he continues to learn and adapt to his new rural lifestyle.

Personal Life

Duhamel shares a son, Axl, with his ex-wife, singer Fergie. Despite their split in 2019, the two remain on friendly terms. Fergie even congratulated Duhamel when he announced his engagement to his current wife, model Audra Mari.

Duhamel and Mari started dating following his split from Fergie. They announced their engagement and tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony in North Dakota last year.

"I believe that we could live off the land out there. I'm not very good at it yet, but I'm getting there," Duhamel said, expressing his commitment to his newfound lifestyle.