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Hunter Biden abandoned his own child after hearing her heartbeat on ultrasound

 May 4, 2023

Hunter Biden, 53, severed ties with his child's mother, Lunden Roberts, after hearing their unborn daughter's heartbeat for the first time, reported the Daily Mail.

Biden had promised to provide emotional, physical, and financial support to Lunden Roberts after learning of her pregnancy in January 2018, but he ultimately ended his relationship with her.

Relationship and Promises

Hunter and Roberts met at his Maryland home, where the 32-year-old expectant mother played him an audio recording of their unborn child's 12-week ultrasound scan.

Hunter reportedly became emotional upon hearing Navy Joan Roberts' fetal heartbeat. However, once Roberts returned to Arkansas, Hunter began ghosting her, ignoring calls and texts, and has not communicated with her since then.

Courtroom Battles

The estranged couple finally faced each other in an Arkansas courtroom on Monday to argue over the amount of child support Hunter should pay for their 4-year-old daughter, whom he has never met.

Hunter's lawyers rejected claims that he was a deadbeat dad and revealed that he had contributed $750,000 towards the child's upbringing.

Hunter's lawyer, Abbe Lowell, disclosed that his client has been paying $20,000 a month to Roberts.

Judge's Concerns

Judge Meyer, presiding over the trial, criticized Hunter for "sealing and redacting" his financial information. The judge suggested that Roberts' lawyers subpoena a Manhattan art gallery to determine how much Hunter has made from selling his art.

Additionally, the judge ordered Hunter to produce more financial documents to support his claim that he should be allowed to reduce the monthly amount given to Roberts.

Paternity Suit and Settlement

The paternity suit between Hunter and Roberts seemed to have been resolved in 2019 when a DNA test confirmed Hunter as the father of Navy Joan, and he agreed to a reported $2.5 million settlement.

However, the recovering drug addict reopened the case in September, claiming a "substantial material change" in his income and inability to afford the payments.

Battle Over Name Change and Financial Information

Roberts, refusing to back down, petitioned the court to officially rename her daughter Navy Joan Biden, stating that the child would "benefit from carrying the Biden family name."

Hunter dismissed this move as "political warfare." Roberts also served Hunter with a discovery request, covering his business dealings in Ukraine and China and the names of art buyers who have paid large sums for his paintings.

After Hunter missed multiple deadlines to submit the requested documents, Judge Meyer ordered him to appear in person for a contempt hearing.

Emotional Toll on Roberts

The ongoing legal battle is anticipated to be incredibly difficult for Roberts. Previously, when the couple last met, Roberts was 12 weeks pregnant, and they shared a moment listening to their unborn child's heartbeat together.

At that time, Hunter had committed to supporting Roberts and their child.

However, after that meeting, communication between the two ceased, resulting in Roberts raising their child alone without the support she was promised.