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Hunter Biden Files, Swiftly Retracts Motion for New Trial in Gun Case

 June 18, 2024

In a recent twist in the legal saga surrounding Hunter Biden, his legal team briefly pursued a new trial in his criminal gun case before withdrawing their motion.

Hunter Biden's request for a new trial over his 2018 firearm purchase was quickly retracted after questioning the federal court's jurisdiction, as Fox News reports.

The motion was initially filed in the Delaware federal court, asserting that the court did not have jurisdiction to proceed with the trial as two of Biden's appeals were still unresolved. This claim highlighted a significant procedural concern, potentially impacting the trial's legitimacy.

Legal Strategy Shifts Amid Judicial Controversy

According to Abbe Lowell, Biden's attorney, the jurisdictional issue arose because the appeals court had not yet finalized the dismissal of either appeal.

Lowell stated, "The Third Circuit [appeals court], however, did not then and has not yet issued its mandate as to the orders dismissing either appeal. Thus, when this Court empaneled the jury on June 3, 2024, and proceeded to trial, it was without jurisdiction to do so."

Despite the argument presented, the motion for a new trial was swiftly removed from the court document system. A docket note clarified that the "Motion for a New Trial (formerly DI 233) has been deleted at the request of counsel," indicating a retraction described as a "correcting entry."

The Background of Hunter Biden's Firearm Charges

Hunter Biden faced accusations of making false statements during the purchase of a firearm in 2018, particularly on ATF Form 4473, where he denied any unlawful substance use.

The charges were serious, consisting of false statement allegations and unlawful possession of a firearm by an individual involved with drugs.

Prosecutors presented evidence, including text messages from Biden around the time of the firearm purchase, which suggested ongoing drug use, contrary to his assertions on the federal form. This played a crucial role in the jury's deliberation.

Public and Personal Challenges Confront Biden

The trial culminated with the jury finding Biden guilty on all charges after approximately three hours of deliberations spread over two days.

The defense had argued that Biden did not view himself as an active addict during the firearm purchase, drawing on his statements from his 2021 memoir, Beautiful Things, in which he famously described his struggle with addiction.

The guilty verdict now exposes Biden to significant penalties, including up to 25 years in prison and substantial fines for each charge. His status as a first-time offender may influence the sentencing outcomes, although no date for sentencing has been set as of yet.

A Complex Case with Broad Implications

The rapid withdrawal of the motion for a new trial and the underlying jurisdictional issues point to a complex legal battle that may have broader implications for judicial procedures in high-profile cases.

This development adds another layer of controversy to the already contentious proceedings surrounding Hunter Biden's legal troubles.

The case continues to garner significant media attention, reflecting the ongoing public and political scrutiny faced by the Biden family.

As the legal proceedings continue to unfold, further details are expected to emerge, possibly influencing public perception and legal discourse.

Conclusion: Revisiting Key Points in the Hunter Biden Saga

In conclusion, Hunter Biden's recent legal maneuvers in his firearm case -- ranging from the filing and quick withdrawal of a new trial motion, through the complex layers of legal arguments about jurisdiction and procedural validity, to the broader implications of his guilty verdict -- remain pivotal.

As the case moves forward, all eyes will be on the forthcoming legal developments and their potential impact on both the judicial landscape and public opinion.