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Hunter Biden files motion to prevent Trump aide from being an expert witness in his child support trial

 May 6, 2023

Hunter Biden attempts to prevent a former Trump aide, Garrett Ziegler, from testifying as an expert witness in his child support case.

Ziegler, hired by Hunter's ex-partner Lunden Roberts, has compiled a 644-page dossier on the abandoned laptop that allegedly belonged to Hunter.

Roberts has retained Ziegler as an expert witness to provide a clearer picture of Hunter's finances in their ongoing dispute over child support payments for their four-year-old daughter, Navy Joan Roberts.

Hunter's legal team, however, filed a motion to remove Ziegler from the case, citing his lack of accounting credentials and labeling him a right-wing conspiracy theorist waging "war" against the Biden family.

Legal Team Attempts to Block Ziegler

Biden's legal team is working to block Ziegler, 27, from using the Arkansas paternity suit to inflict another embarrassing attack on the First Family.

In a new filing, Biden's attorney Brent Langdon links Ziegler, founder of conservative non-profit Marco Polo, to failed efforts to overturn the 2020 election results and criticizes him for transcribing and publishing the contents of Ashley Biden's stolen diary.

Langdon also accuses Ziegler of leaking confidential details from Hunter's tax returns just one day after Roberts hired him.

The motion includes audio from an April 15 PowerPoint presentation where Ziegler criticized individuals afraid to confront the Bidens and claimed to have "digitally carpet bombed" his laptop dossier to every media outlet.

The filing argues that Ziegler is a "security and confidentiality risk" who has already breached a court order banning the dissemination of confidential financial documents.

Ziegler's Background

Ziegler previously worked as a White House aide in the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy (OTMP) under Peter Navarro during the Trump administration. There, he wrote reports on topics such as election fraud, domestic manufacturing, and theories related to COVID-19.

Ziegler has uploaded more than 120,000 emails and other documents from Hunter's laptop to his Marco Polo website, with chapters including titles such as "A wrecked Life: Hunter's Bill" and "An Orgy with Daphne Guinness and Joe Thinks I'm God." He did the same with the alleged contents of Ashley Biden's stolen diary.

Ziegler accused the Bidens of money laundering, sex trafficking, and other crimes.

Ongoing Child Support Battle

Hunter and Roberts, 32, appeared in an Independence County, Arkansas courtroom on Monday, marking the first time they had seen each other since 2018.

Their paternity suit seemed resolved in 2019 after a DNA test proved Hunter fathered Navy Joan, and he agreed to a reported $2.5 million settlement.

However, Hunter reopened the case in September, claiming he experienced "a substantial material change" in income and could not afford the $20,000-per-month payments.

Roberts has petitioned the court to rename her daughter Navy Joan Biden officially and served Hunter with a discovery request covering his business deals in Ukraine and China and the buyers of his paintings.

Legal Developments

Judge Holly Meyer ordered Hunter's legal team to hand over various discovery items, including details of any loans or gifts received from Kevin Morris, a wealthy Hollywood attorney who reportedly loaned Hunter 2.8 million dollars to pay off a 2021 tax bill.

Morris is suing Ziegler for alleged harassment and invasion of privacy in a separate case related to his investigation into alleged Biden family corruption.

Hunter's attorney, Abbe Lowell, has sent letters to the Treasury Department and House Ethics Committee urging them to investigate Ziegler for circulating federal banking records.

Impact on Navy Joan

The involvement of Ziegler in Hunter's child support case adds more tension to the four-year saga over Navy Joan, whom neither Hunter nor his parents, Joe and Jill, have met or publicly acknowledged. Roberts seeks to determine how Hunter can claim financial hardship while employing high-profile lawyers in various lawsuits and congressional probes.

Roberts's lawyer, Clint Lancaster, argues that reducing child support payments would be "inappropriate and unjust."

Hunter, a father of five, has opposed Navy Joan becoming a Biden, insisting he wants a "peaceful existence" for her, free of political scrutiny associated with his family dynasty.

Hunter and Roberts reportedly conceived Navy Joan in December 2017 while he was in a relationship with his brother Beau's widow, Hallie. The child was born in August 2018 but remained a secret until her mother sued Hunter for child support in her native Arkansas a year later.