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Hunter Biden stayed at White House for two weeks after plea deal collapsed: Report

 August 19, 2023

Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden's 53-year-old son who is known for his entanglements in various legal difficulties, resided at the White House for roughly two weeks after entering into a proposed plea deal for tax and gun crimes, as the Daily Mail reported.

Hunter's White House Stay Following Plea Deal

The stay was initiated beginning June 21 after Hunter Biden negotiated a now-abandoned plea agreement with U.S. Attorney David Weiss, as reported by the Washington Post.

The plea agreement would have allowed Hunter to sidestep imprisonment for his alleged failure to fulfill tax obligations and his dishonesty regarding his substance abuse while acquiring a firearm.

However, this agreement unraveled when the presiding judge notified Hunter that future prosecutions for other offenses remained a possibility.

What's intriguing is that most of the president's aides were reportedly kept in the dark about Hunter's extended presence at the White House.

Hunter's stasy coincided with several significant events, including the discovery of cocaine on White House premises on July 2, a formal dinner with India's prime minister, family visits to Camp David, and an Independence Day celebration.

Hunter, his wife Melissa, and son Beau departed the White House on July 5.

Avoidance and Closeness: The Biden Family Dynamic

The Washington Post report further states that Biden's aides are careful to avoid discussing Hunter and his continuing legal challenges, fearing that their input would not be welcomed by the commander in chief.

Despite the scandals surrounding Hunter, his extended visit symbolizes the enduring bond between father and son. This connection could likely become a target for Republicans aiming to connect President Biden to Hunter's business dealings in the upcoming 2024 election.

On July 26, the day planned for the plea deal to be formalized, the president's schedule was deliberately left open to allow him to follow the proceedings.

The eventual collapse of the agreement brought new worries to aides, especially considering that the president's wife, a crucial support system to the chief executive, was out of the country.

President Biden's Stance and Family Scrutiny

President Biden has publicly defended his son on numerous occasions, even contradicting the terms of the original plea deal by asserting that Hunter did nothing wrong. During an interview in May, he reiterated his trust and pride in his son.

However, on Friday, when questioned about the appointment of Weiss as special counsel over Hunter's case, the president offered no comment, briefly laughing at the question.

House Republicans have drawn attention to allegations from Hunter's former associate Devon Archer claiming that Joe Biden had contact with Hunter's business contacts roughly 20 different times over the course of a decade.

The president has emphasized his closeness to his family as a core part of his public image. This bond even extended to Hunter's daughter Naomi and her then-fiancé Peter Neal, who took up residence at the White House prior to their wedding last year.

People familiar with the Biden family have expressed concerns to the Post about the relentless scrutiny of Hunter, a recovering drug addict, fearing that it might lead him to make potentially "damaging" choices.

Despite his legal issues, Hunter continues to maintain a relatively high profile, accompanying his father earlier this year on a trip to Ireland on Air Force One and attending state dinners and other marquee public events.