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Hunter Biden tries unsuccessfully to avoid Arkansas court appearance

 April 28, 2023

A last-ditch attempt by Hunter Biden's legal team to delay an upcoming hearing dealing with Biden's child support payments to Lunden Roberts has failed, reported the Daily Mail.

Independence County Circuit Judge Holly Meyer ruled that President Joe Biden's son must appear at a contempt hearing in Batesville, Arkansas on Monday.

This follows a request by Roberts' legal team to hold Biden in contempt over his failure to provide discovery in the paternity case over their shared child, reported The Hill.

Biden reportedly agreed to pay child support to Roberts in 2020. However, he pursued the case in the courts again last September due to a change in his financial circumstances.

The Details of the Case

Biden attorney Brett Langdon applied for a delay of Monday's hearing because of Garrett Ziegler. Ziegler is an expert witness who worked in the Trump administration and has long been an enemy of Hunter Biden's, reported the Mail. Langdon wanted more time to consider Ziegler's potential impact on the case.

Roberts' lawyer Clinton Lancaster objected to the motion on the grounds Biden had already missed a number of hearings in this case.

The Mail quoted Lancaster as saying "Here we go again... It is time for Mr. Biden to come to Arkansas for this litigation."

Biden and his friend Kevin Morris have reportedly sued Garrett Ziegler over alleged invasion of privacy and harassment in a separate action.

What Happens Now?

Following Judge Meyer's refusal to grant Biden's application, Hunter Biden looks set to appear in court on Monday.

If Roberts' application succeeds, the president's son could be jailed for contempt, reported CBS News.

Biden has faced numerous and detailed discovery requests since this case began, the Daily Mail reported.

Roberts' lawyer has requested information about Biden's business dealings in China and Ukraine, his recent income from art sales, and any fees he's paid to his agents and lawyers.

Biden's autobiography, published in 2021, stated that he slept with women whose identities he couldn't remember, which was why he denied fathering a child with Lunden Roberts.

Court filings reportedly state he would be unable to pick the child out of a line-up.

The Backstory

Roberts filed a paternity suit against Biden in 2019, claiming that he was the father of her child Navy Joan Roberts, who was born in August 2018.

In November 2019, a DNA test confirmed that Hunter Biden was indeed the biological father of the child. He had previously rejected the suggestion he was the child's father in a court filing, reported CNN.

The paternity suit was eventually settled in March 2020.