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Illegal alien who murdered 11 arrested in New Hampshire after fleeing Brazil

 August 18, 2023

A former Brazilian military officer involved in the so-called Curio Massacre has been caught in New Hampshire.

The arrest reportedly took place in the small beach town of Rye, as Daily Wire reported.

The background of the case

This 29-year-old man was not just any illegal immigrant.

He is said to have had a dark past, marked by serious crimes back in his home country.

The prolific offender had already been convicted for a series of crimes, including 11 murders, stemming from an event termed the “Curio Massacre” that took place in November of 2015.

His heinous acts didn't end there. The ex-officer was also guilty of committing both mental and physical torture.

The court's judgement was delivered in his absence, resulting in a staggering sentence of 275 years in prison.

Entry into the United States

Many wonder how someone with such a notorious reputation managed to slip into the U.S.

The exact means remain uncertain. But it's believed he made his illegal entry around 2019.

His presence wasn't entirely undetected. International law enforcement was on his tail. Interpol had even issued a Code Red Alert for him following his recent conviction.

Monitoring and arrest

U.S. authorities weren't in the dark for long. They had been keeping tabs on him for several months, leading up to his arrest. The culmination of their surveillance happened on a Monday morning.

Rye Police Chief Kevin Walsh shared insights on the operation, stating:

We’ve been going on for some time. And like I said, the federal agency — which are our partners, and we’d like to help them as well as they like to help us — had a well-thought-out methodical plan on how to take this person to custody and where is the best location to do it, and when is the time.

Shock from a fellow worker

The arrest was nothing short of a spectacle. Sammy Johnson, who worked alongside the fugitive, vividly described the scene:

Bam! Flashbang, and military guys, and it’s just like holy moly, you know? So we’re just, you know, ‘Okay, okay, okay! You know? We had nothing to do with it!'

Johnson's bewilderment extended beyond the arrest. He was astonished that his colleague, with such a grave history, was even allowed to reside and work in New Hampshire: He said:

It’s just kind of baffling. You know, I think for the most part, what was just crazy to me is that he was able to reside in New Hampshire and have a business.

Next steps for the convict

Now under arrest, the future looks uncertain for the former officer. For now, he's being held by ICE as he awaits his date with an immigration judge.

While many are relieved at his capture, questions still linger.

How did he manage to stay undetected for so long? Are there others like him, hiding in plain sight? And what measures are being taken to prevent similar incidents in the future?


  • A former Brazilian military officer was arrested in Rye, New Hampshire.
  • He was convicted in absentia for 11 murders and other serious crimes related to the "Curio Massacre".
  • The man entered the U.S. around 2019, though details are still unclear.
  • Interpol had issued a Code Red Alert for him post his conviction.
  • U.S. authorities had been monitoring him closely for several months.
  • He was arrested on a Monday morning while working construction.
  • His fellow construction worker was in disbelief over the arrest and the fact that he was allowed to live and work in New Hampshire.
  • The former officer awaits trial before an immigration judge.