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Illinois Gov. Backs Probes into Controversial Mayor Over Alleged Corruption

 June 10, 2024

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker declared his support for the state and federal investigations into Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard amid serious allegations of corruption.

Pritzker's remarks follow a tumultuous town meeting on June 3, marked by discord among Henyard’s critics and supporters, with police intervening to manage the chaos amid the probe, as Fox News reports.

Governor Pritzker Endorses Investigations

On Wednesday, Pritzker addressed the media regarding the ongoing inquiries into Mayor Henyard's activities. He emphasized the significance of the two state and federal investigations currently underway.

"We’ve examined whether to allocate resources, whether it's state police and their anti-corruption efforts or asking the Attorney General," Pritzker stated. His comments reflect a strategic decision on how best to support the investigations.

According to Pritzker, these investigations are essential for uncovering the truth. "The reality is there are two substantial investigations going on. We'll support them in every way we can," he remarked, indicating his confidence in the effectiveness of the probes.

Former Chicago Mayor Lightfoot and FBI Involved

The main authorities investigating Henyard are the FBI and former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. Both entities have been deeply involved in assessing the various accusations against the Dolton mayor.

During the chaotic town meeting on June 3, the Dolton trustees voted to reinstate Lightfoot as a "Special Investigator" on the matter, justifying her $400 per hour fee. Henyard criticized this decision, accusing her adversaries of orchestrating a smear campaign against her.

The FBI's involvement began back in February when they issued two subpoenas demanding employment-related documents from Henyard's tenure. These actions underscore the severity of the allegations against her.

Charges Against Mayor Henyard

Mayor Henyard faces multiple serious charges. Among them are accusations of financial mismanagement, misuse of police force, and an alleged sexual assault incident involving one of her allies during a trip to Las Vegas.

Pritzker expressed his belief in letting the investigations proceed without interference. "I think two significant authorities looking into this matter can deliver the truth effectively," he said.

During the June 3 meeting, Henyard's critics and supporters engaged in heated arguments, which escalated to the point where police intervention was necessary. This incident highlighted the intense local interest and division regarding Henyard's conduct.

Henyard's Defense and Reactions

Mayor Henyard has consistently denied the allegations against her. "You guys are following a fiction, a made-up story," she claimed, addressing her detractors and the accusations.

Despite her defensive stance, the reactivation of Lightfoot as Special Investigator marks a critical step in the ongoing inquiries. The rigorous scrutiny reflects the village's determination to uncover any potential wrongdoing.

Pritzker's public endorsement of the investigations may provide the necessary backing for state and federal authorities to conduct thorough and unbiased research into Henyard's conduct. The outcome of these investigations will likely have a significant impact on Dolton's political landscape.

The dual nature of the investigations, involving both the FBI and a high-profile former mayor, speaks to the gravity of the situation. As Pritzker suggested, the goal is to "get to the truth" without overlapping efforts that could hinder the process.


The controversy surrounding Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard has led to intense public scrutiny and significant governmental response. Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker’s support for the investigations underscores the importance of transparency and accountability in public office.

Amid a deeply divided local community, with passionate arguments on both sides, the outcome of the FBI and Lori Lightfoot's investigations will be pivotal in determining Henyard's political future and restoring public trust.

The ongoing investigations are multifaceted, tackling allegations ranging from financial improprieties to serious accusations of misconduct.

With key figures such as former Mayor Lightfoot and the FBI involved, the probes promise a comprehensive examination of the claims against Henyard. As the process unfolds, the dedication to uncovering the truth remains central to all involved parties.