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Inside Biden's Unyielding Campaign as Democratic Party Dissent Grows

 July 9, 2024

President Biden remains resolute in his decision to pursue re-election, despite increasing resistance from within his own party.

Though he is fully supported by first lady Jill Biden and his son, Hunter, the president is adamant about continuing his campaign, despite the fact that many Democrats fear that Biden's age and political standing could lead to an electoral disaster, the prospect of which should, in their minds, prompt his withdrawal, as Axios reports.

A significant faction within the Democratic Party is urging influential figures, including the Obamas and congressional leaders, to persuade Biden to step down by Friday. These calls come after a key debate and an ABC interview 10 days ago, which have left Democrats shocked, saddened, and angered.

Democrats' Growing Concerns

Biden's stance has created a rift within the party, with some House Democrats openly expressing concern about the potential impact on their own races and the country at large. A top Democratic operative noted the widespread recognition of Biden's precarious position, highlighting the urgency of the situation.

David Axelrod, a former adviser to President Obama, has been vocal about his criticism of Biden's determination to stay in the race. Axelrod described Biden's posture as "denial, delusion, and defiance," reflecting the growing concern among Democrats about a possible electoral disaster.

Adding to the pressure, a story in the Washington Post revealed that a majority of Democratic donors believe Biden should step down. This sentiment is echoed by Bloomberg News/Morning Consult polling, which shows Biden trailing Trump in Pennsylvania, despite leading in Michigan and Wisconsin.

Calls for Intervention from Democratic Leaders

Within the party, there is an increasing clamor for action from key leaders. House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries scheduled a Sunday Zoom meeting with ranking committee members to discuss the issue. Similarly, Sen. Mark Warner was said to be organizing a group of Senate Democrats to deliberate on Biden's future, though conflicting reports emerged as to whether that effort would go forward.

All eyes are on Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi, who is seen as a pivotal figure in any potential intervention. Meanwhile, discussions about Biden's age and political strength are becoming more prevalent in everyday political forums, particularly in swing states.

Despite these pressures, Biden has made it clear that "nothing, besides an act of God, will persuade him to quit his re-election campaign." He has reiterated his commitment to engaging more directly with voters, telling his campaign co-chairs of his intentions.

Upcoming Political Milestones

The political landscape is set to become even more complex with several major events on the horizon. Trump is expected to announce his running mate soon, and the Republican convention will take place from July 15 in Milwaukee. Additionally, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is scheduled to address Congress on July 24.

The Democratic convention in Chicago, starting August 19, will be a crucial moment for the party as it navigates its internal challenges and external threats.

In the midst of this, Biden plans to hold a news conference on Thursday following the NATO summit in Washington. This event will be closely watched for any indications of his campaign strategy and response to the growing dissent within his party.

Mounting Tensions Within the Party

The tension within the Democratic Party is palpable, with only a few House Democrats publicly calling for Biden to step down. However, many more are reportedly close to doing so, reflecting the deepening crisis of confidence in Biden's leadership.

A House Democrat summed up the prevailing mood over the weekend, saying, "The sh*t is going to hit the fan on Monday, when Congress returns. People are scared about their own races. But they're also worried about the country, and about democracy."

This sense of urgency is shared by a Democratic operative who stated, "Every single person not named Biden... recognizes how deep a hole he's in." The operative also warned, "Every day that goes by is a disaster," underscoring the growing anxiety within the party.


The Democratic Party is facing a critical juncture as it grapples with President Biden's unyielding determination to continue his re-election campaign. With mounting opposition from within his party, increasing concerns about his age and political viability, and key political events on the horizon, the coming weeks will be crucial.

Continued meetings and internal discussions are not likely to end anytime soon, and the future of Biden's campaign hangs in the balance. The party must navigate these turbulent waters with careful deliberation and unity if it wants to avoid what could be an electoral disaster.