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Intruder breaches Secret Service security at Biden advisor’s home

By Elizabeth Delaney
May 17, 2023

A drunk man managed to make his way past the security detail posted outside the Washington D.C. home of  President Biden's national security advisor, Jake Sullivan.

The inebriated intruder somehow managed to stagger past on-duty security personnel and wander through an unlocked door before Sullivan confronted him in his home at about 3:00 a.m. one April morning, according to the AP.

Security Detail Unaware of Intrusion Until Already Over and Sullivan Informed Them

Sullivan confronted the man, who apparently left on his own. The security personnel who were supposed to be watching over Sullivan and his family found out about the intrusion after the man left and Sullivan went outside and told them about it.

The incident is under investigation by the Secret Service in an effort to discover if the intrusion was intentional or if it was an accident, according to Daily Mail.

"Secret Service is examining a security incident that took place at a protectee site. While the protectee was unharmed, we are taking this matter seriously and have opened a comprehensive mission assurance investigation to review all facets of what occurred," Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told Daily Mail.

"Any deviation from our protective protocols is unacceptable, and if discovered, personnel will be held accountable."

Sullivan's wife, Margaret Goodlander, lives with him at the home and was apparently also unharmed.  She has served as a counselor to Attorney General Merrick Garland, and presently works in the Justice Department's anti trust division, according to Daily Mail.

Additional security measures have been implemented to more effectively ensure the safety and protection of Sullivan, his wife, and their home, according to the AP.

Sullivan's Present and Past Roles in Washington

Sullivan has been serving as the national security adviser for Biden during his entire administration, and typically accompanies Biden when going overseas, according to the New York Post.

Sullivan also serves as an advisor to Biden on foreign policy matters.

During the Obama administration, Sullivan served as a deputy assistant to Obama, and was still the security adviser to Biden during his time as vice president to Obama.

Sullivan also served as Hillary Clinton's senior policy advisor during her 2016 presidential campaign.

Increasing Need for Secret Services Protection

Various members of the Biden administration receive a Secret Service security detail for the safety of their homes and their personal protection as they go about their day, according to the AP.

There has been an increased need for this protection over the years as threats have been increasing.

The Secret Service Division was originally formed in July of 1865, and there have been quite a few changes that have taken place since that time.

Perhaps one of the most notable is when those services were extended to include a president's immediate family, which started in 1917, according to the United States Secret Service history timeline.

A couple other notable events mentioned include the extension of Secret Service protection to the Vice President in 1962 and when congress authorized Secret Service protection for a former President and his wife during his lifetime in 1965.