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Ivanka Trump inspects new Miami mansion as Trump family shows no signs of retreat

 August 27, 2023

Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner recently took a tour of their almost-finished lavish residence on Indian Creek Island in Florida, often called the "Billionaire Bunker."

The pair was spotted in athletic attire, examining the building's progress shortly after former President Donald Trump's arrest and the unveiling of his notable mugshot from Fulton County jail in Georgia, as the Daily Mail reported.

The Next Chapter: Settling in Miami

Ivanka, 41, turned heads in a sleek, all-black athletic ensemble accentuated with a hint of pink on her sneakers, while Kushner chose classic blue jeans paired with a crisp white tee and sporty footwear.

The two seemed engrossed in the building's progress, discussing potential outdoor setups with professionals on location.

The latest images highlight the modern design flair of their residence, with glimpses of what might be a new spot for their jet skis.

Since purchasing this $24 million property in 2021, the duo -- parents to three children -- have extensively modified it. Presently, their main abode is a high-end apartment in the neighboring area of Surfside.

Life after the White House

Once pivotal members of the Trump administration, Ivanka and Jared decided to transition to Miami with their family after Donald Trump departed from the presidency in 2021.

While Ivanka previously expressed disinterest in re-entering the political realm with her father's potential 2024 presidential campaign, recent buzz suggests she might reconsider.

Arrest and Response of Donald Trump

Earlier, the former president made headlines when he became the first to have held to office to have an official mugshot taken. This occurred after his arrest in Georgia, based on charges tied to his concerns about the 2020 election outcome.

The arrest marked Trump's fourth but was the first that resulted in a mugshot. This photograph was promptly shared on X, previously known as Twitter.

It was the former president's first tweet since his Twitter suspension in January 2021, a consequence of the events at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Despite the controversy, Trump's arrival at Fulton County jail saw a mix of supporters cheering him on and critics expressing their dissent.

The former president's processing was expedited, with him spending a mere 20 minutes inside. Observers noted a significant difference in Trump's reported weight as compared to the last known measurement offered during an earlier arrest.

On his way to the Atlanta airport, Trump made a brief statement, declaring the day's events as a 'travesty of justice' and expressing his belief in the legitimacy of his actions regarding the election.

Trump's Outspoken Criticism: Targeting District Attorney Willis

Earlier in the day, Trump had voiced criticism against Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis, calling her a "Radical Left, Lowlife District Attorney" and condemning her actions. The fast-tracked trial date she proposed only added to the escalating tensions.

Meanwhile, other prominent Trump affiliates also faced legal scrutiny, including Rudy Giuliani. Once heralded as "America's Mayor," Giuliani faced charges, with his mugshot also becoming public — a significant contrast to his time tackling the Mafia as a prosecutor in Manhattan.

Trump quickly supported Giuliani on Truth Social, emphasizing his accomplishments as New York City's mayor and condemning the arrest.