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Ivanka Trump wears bulletproof vest while visiting community destroyed by Hamas

 December 22, 2023

Ivanka Trump wore a bulletproof vest while visiting an Israeli kibbutz that suffered damage during the Hamas attacks of Oct. 7, visiting alongside her husband, Jared Kushner.

The couple, both 42 years old, were photographed touring Kfar Aza, a southern kibbutz near the Gaza border, on Thursday, just over two months after the community was severely affected by a Hamas terrorist attack, as the Daily Mail reported.

On Oct. 7, militants from the Gaza-based terrorist organization breached the border fence, resulting in the tragic deaths of over 50 civilians and the abduction of numerous others.

Attire for the Visit

The former White House advisor appeared solemn during her visit, wearing long green trousers, a white button-down blouse, a black bulletproof vest, and white sneakers.

Similarly, Jared Kushner donned protective gear, reflecting the gravity of their visit.

Heart-Wrenching Encounters

During their time at Kfar Aza, the couple engaged with local residents, hearing firsthand accounts of the tragedy.

The Jerusalem Post reported that one of the former residents, Chen Kotler, shared the grim statistics of the attack: 64 killed, 19 kidnapped, and several wounded, with five still held hostage in Gaza.

Kotler presented them with a symbolic dog tag, expressing hope for a future free from such violence.  Kushner, acknowledging the courage of those present, commended their heroic actions during the crisis.

Reflections and Prayers

After their visit, Ivanka Trump took to social media to express her emotions, noting, "As I depart from Israel, my heart fills with a mix of sorrow and hope."

She spoke of the strength and resilience she witnessed, highlighting the unwavering spirit of those affected by the tragedy.

Kushner also shared his insights, emphasizing the importance of witnessing the ongoing impact of such barbaric acts and meeting with political leaders to seek lasting solutions.

A Personal Connection to Judaism

The couple's visit held personal significance, as Trump converted to Judaism before marrying Kushner, an observant Jew. They are raising their three children in the Jewish faith.

This commitment was evident in their previous visit to Jerusalem, where they participated in sunrise prayers at the Western Wall, a sacred site in Judaism.

Stepping Away from Politics

Ivanka Trump recently withdrew from the political scene to focus on her family and private life.

Despite her deep affection for her father, former President Donald Trump, she expressed her decision to support him from outside the political arena.

Her post-political life has been marked by travel and engagement in various cultural and social events, reflecting a shift from her previous role in the political spotlight.

Since stepping back from politics, Ivanka Trump has embarked on numerous international trips, from attending royal weddings to participating in significant cultural events.