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Jan. 6 pipe bomb investigation breaks wide open

 January 24, 2024

Investigative journalist Steve Baker has made major advancements in the ongoing investigation into the pipe bomb discovered at the Democratic National Committee headquarters on Jan. 6, 2021.

Contrary to previous reports, Baker of Blaze News claims that the person who initially reported the pipe bomb was not just a bystander but rather a plainclothes officer from the United States Capitol Police.

This revelation, backed by information from several congressional staffers who are privy to the investigation, challenges the narrative that has been widely circulated.

In a video posted by U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie (KY-04), the individual in question, dressed in nondescript attire and carrying a backpack, is seen approaching a Metropolitan Police vehicle near the DNC.

Baker points out that this individual, without apparent urgency, notified the police of the suspected explosive device and was also seen conversing with occupants of a black Secret Service SUV parked adjacent to the site.

The Kamala Harris Connection

Adding to the intrigue, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris had reportedly arrived at the DNC in the same Secret Service vehicle about an hour and a half prior to the discovery of the pipe bomb.

The reason Harris visited the DNC rather than attending the Electoral College vote certification at the Capitol remains unexplained.

Baker finds it peculiar that Harris and other Democratic leaders have not highlighted her proximity to the potential danger in attempt at political gain, especially considering the FBI's classification of the device as "viable" and potentially lethal.

Critical Questions Raised by Baker

Baker continues his investigation by posing several pressing questions:

- Why did Secret Service and Metropolitan Police officers delay their response to the bomb threat, despite being informed of its close proximity?

- How did the Secret Service fail to detect the pipe bomb before Harris's arrival, especially since it was allegedly placed in a visible location the night before?

- Why were Capitol Police Command Center operators seen redirecting CCTV cameras away from the area where the bomb was found?

- Is the DNC pipe bomb genuinely a viable explosive, as recent video evidence seems to suggest otherwise?

Other Journalists Join the Investigation

Journalists Michael Shellenberger and Alex Gutentag, in a report for Public News, have echoed the sentiment that the discovery of the pipe bombs at both Democratic and Republican headquarters should have been a major scandal.

They highlight the omission of the pipe bombs from the detailed timeline in an 841-page official report by the U.S. House of Representatives on the Jan. 6 events, relegating it to just a brief mention in an appendix.

The duo also brings forth a statement from Kyle Seraphin, a former FBI agent involved in the investigation.

Seraphin was informed by technicians specializing in countering improvised explosive devices (IEDs) that the pipe bombs lacked essential components for operation. This finding contradicts the FBI's description of the devices as "viable."

The Curious Case of the Suspect's Cell Phone

Further intrigue is added by the revelation that the FBI had released CCTV footage of the bomb suspect using a cell phone, potentially allowing for easy identification through cell phone records.

However, Shellenberger and Gutentag uncovered that the data from the phone company meant to identify the suspect was reportedly corrupted.

Security Lapses and Expert Analysis

The report also mentions an independent security analyst's disbelief at the apparent security lapses. The analyst, having worked with senior elected officials, expressed shock that the Secret Service would not conduct a thorough security sweep, especially in light of Vice President Harris' visit.

Despite this, a CNN report cited a law enforcement source who said that the Secret Service did conduct a comprehensive sweep of the DNC building, including the driveway, parking deck, and entrances, prior to Harris' arrival.