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Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck Put Mansion on Market Amid Divorce Rumors

 June 9, 2024

Pop star Jennifer Lopez and actor Ben Affleck are making headlines as they move to sell their Beverly Hills mansion amid growing divorce rumors.

The couple's efforts to sell their luxurious property and Ben's separate living arrangement signal significant marital issues, which many believe will soon lead to divorce, as TMZ reports.

This speculation arises from their recent actions of putting their Beverly Hills mansion up for sale.

The mansion, which they bought just over a year ago, is being handled by realtor Santiago Arana from The Agency.

Couple's Real Estate Move Indicates Marital Trouble

Jennifer and Ben purchased their Beverly Hills mansion last year for just over $60 million.

The purchase came after an extensive search that lasted nearly two years and involved viewing more than 80 properties. This significant investment in their home is now being reversed as they seek to sell the property.

Multiple sources with direct knowledge of the situation have confirmed to TMZ that the couple is trying to sell the home they bought after their marriage. This move aligns with reports that their marriage is facing deep trouble.

Arana has been showing the mansion to potential buyers for around two weeks. Despite the ongoing efforts, there have been no buyers showing interest so far.

Ben Affleck's Separate Living Arrangement

Adding to the speculation of their impending divorce, Affleck has reportedly moved out of the mansion and is now living in a rental property in Brentwood. This separate living arrangement further indicates that the couple is dealing with significant marital issues.

Meanwhile, Lopez is reportedly looking for a new house. This search for a new home suggests that the couple is planning to live separately moving forward.

The asking price for their Beverly Hills mansion is around $65 million.

However, selling the property at this price point would result in a financial loss for the couple due to the broker's commission, a new tax levied on high-end properties, and the money they have already spent on improvements.

Financial Implications of Selling the Mansion

The decision to sell their mansion comes with financial challenges. Selling the house for around $65 million would not cover the expenses they have incurred, including the aforementioned broker's commission and the new tax on high-value properties. These factors would result in a loss of millions of dollars for the couple.

Despite these financial implications, the couple seems to be moving forward with a sale, further indicating their determination to separate their lives and assets.

Sources have revealed that the mansion has been shown to potential buyers for about two weeks. Realtor Santiago Arana from The Agency is handling the sale, and the couple is quietly trying to find a buyer.


In summary, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck appear to be taking significant steps towards ending their marriage.

Their decision to sell their Beverly Hills mansion, combined with Ben's move to a rental property and Jennifer's search for a new home, underscores the depth of their marital issues. Despite the financial loss they might face, the couple seems intent on moving forward separately.

As they navigate this challenging period, the real estate move serves as a clear indicator of their seemingly imminent divorce.