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'Jeopardy!' Champion Arrested at NYC School in Explicit Images Probe

 June 16, 2024

Winston Nguyen, a math teacher at St. Ann's School in Brooklyn and a former contestant on Jeopardy!, was arrested last Thursday in front of his students.

Nguyen, an educator who is also an ex-convict, faces an investigation into explicit images shared on social media, as the New York Post reports.

Teacher Arrested Amid Investigation

Nguyen, who once spent time in Rikers Island for theft, was taken into custody as part of an ongoing inquiry by the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office regarding sexually explicit photos circulating online. This probe commenced in January 2024.

Already known for stealing $300,000 from an elderly couple while working as their home health aide, Nguyen channeled the stolen money into personal luxuries. He had been teaching at the prestigious St. Ann's School since 2020, just one year after his release from prison.

Following his arrest last Thursday, Nguyen was placed on leave by the school. He was released on Saturday, pending the decision of the Brooklyn District Attorney's office regarding potential charges.

School Response and Impact

The head of St. Ann's School, Kenyatte Reid, promptly informed parents about Nguyen's arrest and the subsequent actions taken. The school confirmed that Nguyen is under investigation concerning the dissemination of sexualized images.

“This incident is very disturbing to all of us,” Reid stated, reflecting the school's serious view of the allegations. Nguyen has been instructed not to contact anyone within the school community or visit the premises during the investigation.

St. Ann's School's spokeswoman clarified that Nguyen was immediately placed on leave following his arrest. The school emphasized its thorough hiring process, which included a comprehensive background check.

Background Checks and School Policies

The school's policy indicates that a nonviolent criminal record does not automatically disqualify an individual from employment. “A nonviolent criminal record may not preclude employment. The school gives a careful and discerning assessment of a job candidate’s potential fit with the school,” explained an official from St. Ann's School.

Nguyen's criminal history includes a stint in Rikers Island for stealing from an elderly couple while functioning as their home health aide. Despite his criminal background, Nguyen's application and potential fit were evaluated by the institution, leading to his hiring.

The suspect's lawyer, Frank Rothman, stated that they are awaiting further decisions from the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, anticipating developments soon. “We are expecting some movement in the near future,” Rothman said.

Elite School with Notable Alumni

St. Ann's School boasts significant prestige with high tuition costs ranging from $52,900 to $60,525 annually for students. The institution has produced many notable alumni, including Lena Dunham, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Maya Hawke.

Nguyen, who transitioned from a life of crime to education, has been part of the school's faculty since 2020. The recent events have cast a shadow over his teaching career and raised questions about the school's hiring practices.

The ongoing investigation by the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office continues to cast a cloud over the future of Nguyen's position at the school and the wider community's trust in the institute's employment policies.

School Community Reacts

Parents and students at St. Ann's School are grappling with the shock of Nguyen's arrest and the nature of the allegations. The school's administration is taking swift action to address the concerns and ensure a safe learning environment.

While the investigation progresses, Nguyen's presence and influence within the school are being scrutinized. The institution is working hard to maintain transparency and uphold its reputation during this challenging period.


The arrest of Winston Nguyen, a math teacher at St. Ann's School and a former Jeopardy! contestant, has stirred the community in which he works and lives.

Nguyen's past criminal record, his recent arrest amid an explicit images investigation, and the school's response form a complex narrative.

As the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office deliberates on the charges, the future remains uncertain for Nguyen and the school's community.