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Jill Biden's Vogue Cover Sparks Media Debate

 July 3, 2024

The release of the August issue of Vogue, featuring first lady Jill Biden on the cover, has ignited a heated debate across political spectrums.

The magazine's cover story comes amid President Joe Biden's poor debate performance, raising questions about the timing and appropriateness of the feature, as Fox News reports.

Vogue Features First Lady Jill Biden

The magazine's August issue, released on Monday, showcased first lady Jill Biden on its cover with the tagline "We will decide our future." The feature was initially completed before the recent debate but was updated on Sunday following an interview with Jill Biden about her husband's future.

In the interview, Jill Biden defended her husband's presidency, emphasizing that he "will always do what's best for the country" and expressing their determination to "continue to fight." The debate in question took place on June 27, leading to increased scrutiny and speculation regarding President Biden's capacity to remain the Democratic nominee.

Vogue noted that the debate spurred discussions on whether President Joe Biden should remain the Democratic nominee. Jill Biden was reached by phone on June 30 while at Camp David.

Reactions to Vogue Cover

The media response to Jill Biden's Vogue cover has been mixed, with some calling it tone-deaf and politically biased. Liberal media outlets have called for President Biden to step down due to concerns over his mental fitness, with reports indicating panic among Democratic donors and the party.

The Vogue feature, which included pre-debate interviews and photos, framed the 2024 election race between Biden and former President Donald Trump as a battle between democracy and tyranny. Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour, known for hosting multiple fundraisers for Biden, was also mentioned.

Comments on the publication's Instagram post featuring Jill Biden were largely critical. Instagram influencer Alexandra Peirce remarked, “I swear, I thought this was satire. Lmfaooooooo how embarrassing.”

Comparisons to Melania Trump

Some critics referenced Jill Biden's Vogue by noting that former first lady Melania Trump never appeared on the magazine's cover. Jill Biden has graced the cover three times during her husband's presidency.

Fox News host Jimmy Failla commented on the disparity, stating, “Melania Trump is an actual supermodel who speaks 5 languages but she's NEVER been on the cover of Vogue. Jill Biden commits vicious elder abuse on the world stage and now has two Vogue covers to show for it. Congrats Jill, you'll be great in ‘The Devil Wears Depends.’”

Additionally, OutKick founder Clay Travis criticized Jill Biden, saying, “Jill Biden, who has been covering up her husband’s dementia for years and is guilty of elder abuse, is on the cover of Vogue for July. This is why she and Hunter won’t tell him to step down, they won’t matter the minute he says he isn’t running.”

Political and Public Backlash

Political figures also weighed in on the controversy. C.J. Pearson, GOP Youth Advisory Council co-chair, highlighted the timing of the cover following Joe Biden's debate performance, questioning how Jill Biden appeared on the Vogue cover when Melania Trump did not.

Janice Min of Ankler Media criticized the cover, noting the contrast between the president’s lack of one-on-one interviews with news outlets and his wife’s multiple Vogue covers. Min questioned if the Vogue audience was the path to victory in crucial states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Nevada. Min further elaborated on the issue of trust in an era of skepticism, suggesting that speaking through a publication edited by one of Joe Biden’s major fundraisers might not be wise.

Defending the Vogue Cover Story

A representative for Vogue and Anna Wintour responded to the criticism, stating, “It’s no secret that Anna has been a supporter of Democratic campaigns for decades. Our August cover story is a look at the tremendous work Dr. Biden has done, and the most urgent issues in 2024 and beyond.”

Despite the defense, media outlets like the Washington Post and the New York Post expressed concerns about the portrayal of Jill Biden. The Washington Post described her image as "saintly" and "pure," suggesting she is the only person who truly has her husband’s ear.

The New York Post editorial board argued that staying in the race could harm Joe Biden’s health and career, insinuating that Jill Biden’s desire for a second term might be a motivating factor. They suggested Jill Biden was more concerned about her Vogue covers than the election's outcome.

Criticism of Jill Biden's Media Presence

The Washington Examiner added to the criticism, calling Jill Biden’s Vogue cover “darkly humorous” and “disturbing.” They highlighted the tone-deaf nature of her appearance, suggesting it confirmed speculations about her and her supporters being out of touch with reality.

These sentiments were echoed across social media, with many users expressing disbelief and frustration over Jill Biden’s appearance on the magazine cover. The debate over the appropriateness and timing of the feature continues to unfold.


The release of the August issue of Vogue magazine featuring Jill Biden has stirred significant controversy, with critics questioning the timing and appropriateness of the cover. Reactions ranged from accusations of political bias to comparisons with Melania Trump’s absence from the cover.

The media response highlights broader concerns about President Joe Biden’s capability to continue his campaign and the first lady's role in supporting his presidency. The debate over the cover's impact and message continues as the 2024 election approaches.